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Lawyer for Mother of Hunter Biden’s Daughter Speaks After Court Hearing

The attorneys for Lunden Roberts, an ex-stripper and the mother of Hunter Biden’s unacknowledged four-year-old daughter born of wedlock, spoke to members of the media Monday following a court hearing in the open child support case between the two parents.

“We feel like it went well, and we appreciate Judge Meyer and her impartiality and her directness,” attorney Clint Lancaster said when asked how he thought the proceedings went.

The team of lawyers remained tight-lipped for most of the media’s questions, refusing to comment on certain aspects of the case, including the $20,000-per-month payments Biden’s attorney said during the hearing her client is paying Roberts in child support.

When asked what the first question he would ask Biden during the planned June deposition of all parties in the case would be, Lancaster simply said, “I’ll have to think about that.”

Roberts and Biden reached an agreement in 2020 for the child’s paternity and child support payments, but the case was reopened when Biden requested to reduce to the payments. In December, Roberts’s lawyers filed a motion to have the girl’s last name changed to Biden.

Biden was subsequently ordered to appear in person for Monday’s hearing, but ignored media questions pertaining to the hearing and President Joe Biden’s refusal to acknowledge his granddaughter born of his son and Roberts.

Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer set deadlines for attorneys to submit discovery and begin depositions.

During the hearing, Biden appeared to blankly stare ahead and had no interaction with Roberts, while Roberts’ family sat behind her along with Garrett Ziegler, whom Biden’s other attorney, Brent Langdon, described during a hearing last week as a potential expert witness in the case involving the contents of Biden’s laptop.

  • E. Collins says:

    Looks like her attorney didn’t get much sleep or brush his hair this morning.

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