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Lauren Boebert Issues Apology as More Video Surfaces of Actions at ‘Beetlejuice’ Show

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and her companion were confronted by ushers and escorted out of a Denver theater Sunday over multiple complaints that they were taking photos, vaping and “causing a disturbance” during a “Beetlejuice” show.

To quickly recap, according to reports, Boebert allegedly refused to leave at first and told theater employees when they threatened to involve the Denver PD to go and get them.

An incident report noted that Boebert also allegedly tried a power play on the ushers after she and the unidentified man left their seats by saying things like “Do you know who I am?” “I am on the board” (and) “I will be contacting the mayor.”

Two days after the incident, security video was released by the Buell Theater which showed Boebert, who did not look happy, gesturing and pointing her finger toward what may have been security staff in the lobby, at one point flipping them off.

Initially, Boebert’s spokespeople denied the allegation that she had been vaping during the performance, but a video released Friday showed that she in fact was vaping.


The Denver Post reported there was a pregnant woman sitting behind Boebert who said she asked Boebert to stop vaping. The woman said Boebert told her no, but that the man sitting with Boebert offered to buy the woman and her husband alcoholic beverages.

In response to the newly released clip, Boebert issued a statement Friday night on Facebook apologizing for her actions, citing her divorce as a factor in how she “fell short of my values” Sunday and saying she “genuinely did not recall vaping”:

The past few days have been difficult and humbling, and I’m truly sorry for the unwanted attention my Sunday evening in Denver has brought to the community. While none of my actions or words as a private citizen that night were intended to be malicious or meant to cause harm, the reality is they did and I regret that.

There’s no perfect blueprint for going through a public and difficult divorce, which over the past few months has made for a challenging personal time for me and my entire family. I’ve tried to handle it with strength and grace as best I can, but I simply fell short of my values on Sunday. That’s unacceptable and I’m sorry.

Whether it was the excitement of seeing a much-anticipated production or the natural anxiety of being in a new environment, I genuinely did not recall vaping that evening when I discussed the night’s events with my campaign team while confirming my enthusiasm for the musical. Regardless of my belief, it’s clear now that was not accurate; it was not my or my campaign’s intention to mislead, but we do understand the nature of how this looks. We know we will have to work to earn your trust back and it may not happen overnight, but we will do it.

I’m deeply thankful to those in the 3rd District who have defended me and reached out this week and offered grace and support when I needed it the most. I’ve learned some humbling lessons these past few days but I vow moving forward, I will make you proud.

Some conservatives, like my RS colleague Jeff Charles, have argued that Boebert’s actions shouldn’t matter considering everything else going on in this country. While I agree that we have more issues going on in America than we know what to do with, I respectfully disagree that it doesn’t matter.

I’m not here to pass judgment on Boebert’s personal life, but I will say that as a general rule when you’re out in public it’s always best to play it safe and try to be respectful of those around you. It’s just common sense, in my view. That goes double for elected officials – if for no other reason than the fact that there’s always going to be a camera somewhere.

Boebert, a two-term Congresswoman, will face a tough reelection battle in 2024 in a district she only won by 546 votes in 2022. The video, her initial response, and her apology could end up making that a tougher hill for her to climb.

Her critics on the left are already pouncing on this story to prove she’s undeserving of a third term. And while the argument has been made on social media that a Democrat most likely would get a pass from the press on this, in my opinion, that is just as good an argument as any for any Republican politico to conduct themselves in public in ways that don’t lead to incidents like what took place Sunday.

  • Rosie A says:

    That doesn’t excuse bad behavoir.

  • Don says:

    The vaping, etc, was disappointing to me as I am an out of state fan of hers, but this morning more security footage is out there showing her and the guy with her groping and acting like a couple of horny teenagers.
    Now the Daily Mail is doing a hit piece on Kristi Noem, another of my favorite GOP woman.
    Orange Man Bad is turning into a pandemic.

  • JB says:

    With the way this turned out, you could almost think someone hired actors. Her excuse was just as bad for doing what she did. Everyone has stress but she momentarily forgot that she is a public figure and everyone is watching closely to record blunders. My question is, for a smart person, why did she do such a stupid thing? Was she a little tipsy?

  • See more says:

    I like Lauren, but this is a big blow for Republicans in Congress. The part lying about this is not good.



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