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Late-Night Hosts Team Up to Pitch a Podcast, and All They Get Is a Live Roast

Five late-night comedy hosts announced plans for a joint podcast, and got a live roast in return.

Comedians Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, and Seth Meyers – whose shows are on a forced sabbatical due to the ongoing writers and actors strike in Hollywood – announced plans for “Strike Force Five.” The joint effort is expected to last at least through the remainder of the strike and proceeds will go to support their staffers while they are out of work.

“MAJOR LIFE UPDATE – for the remainder of the strike @StephenAtHome, @JimmyFallon, @SethMeyers, @IamJohnOliver & I are joining forces for a new podcast called @StrikeForceFive. Hear the first episode tomorrow 8/30. ALL proceeds (thanks to @Casamigos and @MintMobile) go to support our out of work staffs. Listen now — @SpotifyPodcasts,” Kimmel shared via X.

Meyers responded with a joke, saying, “I had NO idea this was being recorded …”

“Late night unite! Your new favorite podcast Strike Force Five premieres tomorrow with all of our proceeds going to staff and crew affected by the ongoing writers strike. Check it out on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts,” Fallon added.

But critics weren’t so sure that anyone really needed them to come back.

“Five insufferable one-trick ponies doing a podcast to echo each other on Trump and DeSantis and anyone who doesn’t have a D next to their name. And if you forgot these guys haven’t been on the air for months, you’re not alone,” Joe Concha said in a post on X.

“Not a lawyer but pretty sure this podcast will violate the Geneva Conventions,” Grabien media founder Tom Elliott said.

“Can’t wait for the first episode about Trump’s mugshot and how bad the new strain of covid is,” @thefirstontv added.

“It is super cringe that they coordinated to all sit in very ‘regular person’ rooms, as though they don’t all have home offices that clearly illustrate their wealth and success. Just be you, you d*** phonies,” Noam Blum said.

“They have banished all the late night hosts to a podcast,” Ashley St. Clair posted. “Nature is healing.”

“Late night group therapy for libs actually becomes group therapy for libs,” Stephen L. Miller replied.

“Breaking Points” cohost Saagar Enjeti took a slightly different approach, saying, “I am begging studio execs to cave so we can end this abomination.”

  • wjr56 says:

    None of them are funny! Who cares! Not one of them could polish Johnny Carson’s shoes!

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