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Las Vegas Teen Will Be Charged as An Adult in Hit-And-Run Cyclist Murder

Las Vegas prosecutors are pushing to have a 17-year-old driver who killed a retired police chief who was cycling on a road charged as an adult.

California police chief Andreas Probst, 64, died after the vehicle rammed into him and knocked him off his bike on August 14.

Prosecutors with the Clark County District Attorney’s office are looking to have the teen allegedly behind the wheel at the time charged as an adult.

‘I am confident that justice will be served in this matter once this investigation is complete and appropriate charges have been filed,’ DA Steve Wolfson said.

The driver was arrested soon after the crash and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center.

The teen is facing a charge of open murder. His identity has not been revealed because of his age. Prosecutors are also looking to file separate charges in the case.

On Sunday the Metropolitan Police Department said they were still looking for the second person who was in the car, a 2016 Hyundai Elantra, at the time of the collision who was behind the camera and filmed the sickening video.

That boy is also believed to be a teen.

‘LVMPD is actively working to identify the passenger in the car,’ a Metro spokesperson said.

On Saturday, a video circulated widely on social media and drew outraged reactions, showing the driver ask ‘ready?’ and the passenger, who was filming, laughing as he replies ‘yeah, hit his a**.’

A visual analysis of the video by confirms it shows the same location where Probst was killed, on a stretch of North Tenaya Way, near West Centennial Parkway.

The fatal hit-and-run occurred at around 6am, while Probst was on his morning ride.

Police say a 2016 Hyundai Elantra struck him from the rear and fled the scene at high speed. Probst was rushed to University Medical Center, where he was confirmed dead.

The suspected driver was arrested later the same day, and police say he was associated with the theft of several other vehicles that morning.

Probst had a 35-year career in law enforcement in California, including as police chief of Bell, an unincorporated city in Los Angeles County.

He retired in 2009 and moved to Las Vegas, where he had a remote job for a security consulting firm, and took up cycling as a way to stay in shape.

His daughter, Taylor Probst, told the Review-Journal she received an alert from her dad’s Apple Watch indicating that he’d fallen on the morning of August 14.

She rushed with her mother, Crystal, to the crash scene, which was only three miles from their home.

By the time they arrived, Probst had already been transported to a hospital, but the signs left behind were grim.

‘I come from law enforcement as well in my younger days,’ Crystal told the newspaper. ‘I was able to ascertain, there’s his bike, his helmet is way over there, his phone is way over there. I’m like, this is not good.’

On September 7, community members gathered at the scene of the fatal crash to honor Probst with Ghost Bike, a permanently installed bike painted white to mark the collision point.

Cops from multiple local jurisdictions were also in attendance to pay respects.

‘He was an amazing man, a husband,’ Andreas’s wife Crystal said at the memorial event, according to KLAS-TV. ‘A father, a brother.’

‘He was honestly like a ray of sunshine that just bled through your life,’ said daughter Taylor.

  • Make the trial required viewing for all High School Juniors and Seniors.

  • Gary Lingle says:

    I bet they are white boys….NOT!

  • TD says:

    Then lets identify the both as an adult and they are both eligible for the death penalty, Not a more appropriate case, Proven fact with out a doubt and no worries about getting it wrong with this one, An example needs to be set, This is the one to do it with

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