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Lara Trump Reveals What She Knows About Mar-a-Lago ‘Mole’

Former President Donald Trump has no knowledge of an informant giving a tip to the FBI prompting the raid of Mar-a-Lago on Monday, according to his daughter-in-law.

Lara Trump, who is married to Donald Trump’s son Eric, appeared on Fox News on Thursday after Attorney General Merrick Garland delivered a statement to reporters about the raid and announced that the Justice Department requested permission from the federal court to unseal the court-approved search warrant that authorized its search on the former president’s Florida residence.

Pressed by anchor Martha MacCallum about whether her father-in-law knows of any informant or “mole” who tipped off the FBI, reportedly about the possibility of more classified documents being stored away in Mar-a-Lago, Lara Trump insisted he did not.

“He has no information on that,” she said. Trump noted later that it could be “hearsay” as the FBI “maybe” alluded to it and added that “there is no one that we would even consider” being the mole.

Federal investigators served a grand jury subpoena in June and collected documents believed to contain sensitive national security information stashed in the basement of the resort, CNN reported. The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that “someone familiar with the stored papers” told investigators there were still possibly more classified materials at the private club, and it noted there was doubt among Justice Department officials that Donald Trump’s team was being truthful about what records remained at Mar-a-Lago.

Lara Trump, who stressed that she spoke to her father-in-law’s lawyer before appearing for the interview, said the last communications between Donald Trump’s team and investigators prior to the raid took place only days after a June 3 meeting to confirm that a padlock was placed on a storage room door, as was requested by the bureau.

Decrying the “aggressive” approach by federal investigators, Lara Trump added: “To our knowledge, there was nothing more that could have been done.”

All this took place months after the National Archives and Records Administration collected about 15 boxes worth of material from Mar-a-Lago that officials said should have been turned over after Trump left office. Officials at the National Archives said they found classified material in the trove and referred the matter to the Justice Department.

  • John Dienes says:

    Make no mistake the DOJ & FBI, among others, are failed institutions and cannot be trusted. Their leadership’s words and actions are antithetical to our constitutional freedoms. If you’re conservative, you should be very concerned about your own well-being…buy more guns and ammo – you’re going to need them!!!

  • Alan Louis says:

    Showing up at a former president of the United States house with guns is despicable, the people behind this have crossed the line. People celebrating this are not aligned with the rule of law.

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