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“Kill Everyone Now!” Democrat Lawmaker Posts Video Calling for Politically Motivated Murders

A Democrat lawmaker in Wyoming called for politically motivated murders against those opposing the radical left’s pro-trans agenda over the weekend.

The Wyoming Freedom Caucus revealed that Democratic State Rep. Karlee Provenza posted a meme on Instagram Saturday threatening opponents of the pro-trans movement.

This violent threat comes just days after “transgender” terrorist Audrey Hale murdered six people, including three children, in a Christian school shooting in Nashville.

The meme shows an older woman, named “Auntie Fa” in a reference to Antifa, holding a rifle. The full message reads “Auntie Fa Says Protect Trans Folks Against Fascists & Bigots.”

In addition to the vile photo, independent journalist Andy Ngo uncovered a disturbing Tiktok video from Provenza where a voiceover calls for killing political opponents.


Porvenza’s Tiktok video is set to an aquarium with sea snakes and fish. A voice screams “Condone first-degree murders!”

The video then quickly cuts to a faux interviewer asking about Provenza’s political beliefs.

The response? “Kill everyone now! Condone first-degree murders!”

Provenza is the Wyoming Legislature’s House Minority Whip and was first elected to office in November 2020. As the Daily Caller reported, her Facebook and Twitter accounts do not have any other posts regarding Hale or the Nashville shooting.

This is far from the first time Democrats have threatened violence against opponents of the radical pro-trans movement. The Gateway Pundit previously revealed Josselyn Berry, Arizona Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs’s former secretary posted a GIF on Twitter of a woman with guns saying “Us when we see transphobes.”

Berry later resigned after the post was discovered.

Do not count on the FBI confronting Provenza or any other pro-trans individual threatening violence, however. They only target conservatives and faithful Christians.

  • B says:

    She made a terrorist threat against innocent citizens. She is not above the law. Arrest trial and prison.

  • The Demons in the Demonicrat Party are very dangerous. The author of this piece refers to Katie Hobbs as a Governor, and I reject the esteemed label for this piece of crap. I also believe corrupt, brain damaged Biden should not be called a President. We know that both these creeps and their criminal thug associates rigged the elections. I want everyone to start referring to these two morons as alleged Governor and alleged President. Hobbs and Biden WERE NOT ELECTED!! THEY STOLE THE ELECTIONS AND SHOULD BE IN PRISON.

  • Bob says:

    The hatred against Christians began a few years ago. The escalation fits right in with the reply Jesus gave his disciples in Matthew 24 when they asked Him was the signs of the end would be. Being hated by the world for His name’s sake is one of them. Because Christianity recognizes homosexuality as a sin, one that God calls an abomination, the unbelieving world is embracing transgenderism as if it is a precious treasure, and at the same time condemning all who refuse to go along with them.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    Provenza has the right idea. I AGREE! Get your AR’s and we’ll get ours, and we’ll meet you commie-bastards anywhere you want to go at it. GIVE US A DATE AND TIME AND WE’LL BE THERE!



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