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Kennedy Apologized to His Family for This Super Bowl Ad. Here’s Why.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. apologized to members of his family for a surprise Super Bowl ad that heavily featured his connection to his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy.

RFK Jr. argued that the group responsible for the ad, the American Values Super PAC, did not consult with him or his campaign when making the ad. RFK Jr., who is running for president as an independent, nevertheless pinned the video to the top of his profile on X.

RFK Jr.’s cousin, Bobby Shriver, first complained about the ad in a post Sunday night, writing that his uncles and mother would never have approved of RFK Jr.’s “deadly health care views.”

“My cousin’s Super Bowl ad used our uncle’s faces- and my Mother’s. She would be appalled by his deadly health care views. Respect for science, vaccines, & health care equity were in her DNA. She strongly supported my health care work … which he opposes,” Shriver wrote.

“Bobby. I’m so sorry if that advertisement caused you pain. The ad was created and aired by the American Values Superpac without any involvement or approvals from my campaign. Federal rules prohibit Superpacs from consulting with me or my staff. I send you and your family my sincerest apologies. God bless you,” RFK Jr. replied.

RFK Jr. followed up the statement with a more general apology to any of his family members who were hurt by the ad, stating once again that “FEC rules prohibit Super PACs from consulting with me or my staff.”

American Values 2024 ran the 30-second ad for $7 million. The clip is a throwback to an ad used by his uncle, JFK, in the 1960 presidential campaign.

The ad, replacing JFK’s face with that of RFK Jr., implores viewers to “Vote Independent.”

“The panicked DC power brokers are working overtime to keep Kennedy off the ballot because they know he can and will end their culture of greed and corruption,” American Values 2024 co-founder Tony Lyons said in a statement provided to Fox News Digital.

“They offer us soaring inflation, forever wars, and chronic disease. RFK Jr. offers us real change along with freedom, trust and hope. Like his uncle and his father, Kennedy is a corruption fighter, and it’s no wonder the DNC is trying every old trick and inventing new tricks to stop him. The public sees through it all and won’t stand for it.”

Kennedy initially sought to challenge President Biden in the 2024 Democratic presidential primary, but the DNC said it would not hold primary debates and stood behind the incumbent president.

He declared himself as an independent candidate in October and has seen support in polls from a sizable number of Democrats — and even some Republicans.

  • tressa says:

    Poor democrats have to be forced to vote for veggie joe and the hoe!
    poor folks have choice at all it’s been taken away from you! another freedom lost!

  • Michael says:

    The Democrap Party says they are the “party that will save democracy,” but they won’t hold a primary. Their voters didn’t get a chance to put a younger man on the ballot which is a major concern of voters of their own party.

    I think RFK would have had a much better chance of beating Trump than Biden does, so I’m glad the Democraps screwed themselves over by not holding a primary.

  • The problem is he already have two assassinated Kennedys and Ted Kennedy backed out believed to be because he was concerned about him being next on the assassination list so Junior runs thank you very well be putting himself in danger also

  • Mike from Missouri. says:

    Without the Democrat populace to have a choice of candidates solidifies that slavery still exists.

    They are pawns amongst themselves. Ain’t that a hoot?!?

    As far as RFK, Jr. is concerned, I would love to see a debate between him and President Trump. That would be more worthy than watching the Super Bowl, which I am still boycotting.



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