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Katie Hobbs Ultimatum to County Board: Certify the Election or Face Felony Rap

The office of Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, now the governor-elect, threatened the Mohave County Board of Supervisors with legal action and criminal referral unless they certified the 2022 vote in their county.

Mohave County waited until Nov. 28, the deadline for Arizona counties to certify, to vote on the certification of its election because of the host of issues that plagued Election Day in Maricopa County, casting a cloud over Hobbs’ razor-thin victory in the gubernatorial race over GOP nominee Kari Lake, the consistent leader in pre-election opinion polling.

Two of the supervisors on the Mojave County board said they were voting to certify the election “under duress,” after being warned that they would “be arrested and charged with a felony” if they didn’t, according to the board chairman, Ron Gould.

While Mohave County’s own election was problem-free, the Board of Supervisors was concerned about the election issues in Maricopa County, said Gould.

“We believe that Mohave County voters were disenfranchised by the problems that they had in Maricopa County,” Gould said in an interview Wednesday on Real America’s Voice TV’s “The War Room.”

“Their mistakes are bigger than our entire county vote, and I think it’s disenfranchised the rural voters across the state, not to mention that it disenfranchises Maricopa County voters and Republican voters, in particular, who are more likely to cast their ballot at the poll” on Election Day, he said. “So any problems at the poll affect Republicans more than they would affect Democrats.”

Had the board declined to certify its election, however, the county’s votes would not have been included in the state total, Gould explained, which would have handed two Republican statewide seats to the Democrats. Moreover, lawsuits against the election results cannot move forward until the state has certified the election.

In a Nov. 23 letter to the Mojave County Board, State Elections Director Kori Lorick, who serves under Hobbs in the secretary of state’s office, said that the canvass — or certification — of the election “is not discretionary.”

“Because the Board has no authority to change or reject the results, the canvass is a purely ministerial act,” Lorick wrote.

On Nov. 28, Lorick emailed the county board. Reminding the supervisors again of their “non-discretionary statutory duty to canvass the 2022 General Election results by today,” she invoked the threat of prosecution of the holdouts.

“The only basis for delaying the county canvass is pursuant to A.R.S. 16-642(C) if returns from a polling place are missing, and that is indisputably not the case here,” she wrote. “If Mohave County does not perform their ministerial duty to canvass your election results today, we will have no other choice but to pursue legal action and seek fees and sanctions against the Board.

“Our office will take all legal action necessary to ensure that Arizona’s voters have their votes counted, including referring the individual supervisors who vote not to certify for criminal enforcement under A.R.S. 16-1010.”

Under the cited statute, an election official “who knowingly refuses to perform” their election duties “is guilty of a class 6 felony unless a different punishment for such act or omission is prescribed by law.”

Gould said he has an attorney looking into the legal interpretation holding the supervisors criminally liable for voting against certification, “because I just think that’s the wrong decision, so we’ll appeal that to the attorney general.”

  • Tony says:

    How is this woman in-charge of the election and is running in the election at the same time, screws everything up and is the one in-charge to threaten the county to certify the screwed up election or she will put them in jail, no wonder she did not want to debate anybody, she knew she was going to win anyway, somebody has to end this rotten crap with this and Kari Lake will defiantly do it, there better be some Republican in Washington that help her out on this or there is going to be a lot of pissed off people and i am one of them

  • Seb26 says:

    If, u read all the comments you know Hobba cheated .

  • Tony says:

    This woman is lucky she is not dealing with me, i would have said then you better get going on charging me with a felony because i am Not certifying the election period, there should be a do over period, it should be investigated, i thought this was never going to happen again and here we go almost the same thing as with Trump, i am sick of the crooked scum, look at all the good things that could be done if there was not all of this dirty dealing by rotten people and ot looks like they are all on one side all the time

  • Dorothy says:

    She does everything unlawful and still gets away with it. She is a Democrat corrupt woman. Love her torquoise necklace. Is it “sleeping beauty” It must have cost much. I would love to have Trump back as our President, but the way things are going, they are looking to crucify him again. I feel bad for him because these devils are never going to leave him alone. They have so much proof of Biden and his son taking money from China, it is sickening. The man is also has dimentia, so what do you expect from these evil people.

  • Master Joseph Townsend Tremblay says:

    Hobbs is a criminal and should be arrested by federal martials. Far as the FBI, YES… they are corrupt and need to be shaken like a rug. Send in the federal martials to dismantle it, then rebuild it for what IT WAS MEANT FOR, not this political crooked BS. Prosecute the liars (some for TREASON) and restore the publics faith. Arrest hunter and Joe Biden while your at it.



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