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Kathy Griffin Left Unable to Speak After Vocal Cord Surgery

Trump hater Kathy Griffin is in the news again.

Kathy Griffin cannot speak for a few weeks after having vocal cord surgery.

Excerpt from Fox News:

On Tuesday, the 63-year-old comedian – who has been open about her vocal cord issues since being diagnosed with lung cancer in 2021 – uploaded a video to Instagram explaining the details of her impending vocal cord surgery.

The actress revealed she will not be able to speak for a couple of weeks.

“One thing that sucks about cancer, it’s hard to focus on anything else when one is experiencing shortness of breath, deep coughing, pain, extreme fatigue &, in my case, vocal cord issues,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “One thing that doesn’t suck about cancer… how shameless I am when clapping back at people dare to sass Ms. Kathy about anything. Try CANCER! I cannot get enough of it.”

Doctors removed half of her left lung, which left her with vocal cord issues.

In May 2023, Griffin underwent an operation on her left vocal cord.

“I’m getting an implant in my left vocal cord, which was left permanently paralyzed during my lung cancer surgery, where they took out half my left lung,” Kathy Griffin said in a social media post. “I also have an aperture, which is a tear above my vocal cords and that’s why sometimes when I’m doing stand-up my voice goes to a higher pitch.”

“So, anyway, I’m never nervous before surgery and I’ve had quite a few. But I am a little nervous about this one ’cause it’s my voice, and I’ve already gone through it once with the voice problem,” Griffin added.

“Anyway, wish me luck, and I can’t talk at all for two weeks, which is going to drive me crazy. So I’ll be watching a lot of TikTok, and I won’t be making any,” she said. “Anyway, that’s the update. Always trying to make the voice better.”



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“Vocal cord surgery went well. As you can see some scarring and swelling. It will be worth it if I get some of my voice back,” Griffin said in a follow up post to Instagram.


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  • A. Michaels says:

    When is your face ‘do over’ Kathy? A paper bag will do, or better yet a plastic cinch bag.

  • Miss Kathy, I hope you recover and can talk. Please read 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John in the new Testament. They are very short but talk a lot about love and forgiveness.



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