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Kari Lake’s Office Shut Down Indefinitely as FBI Probes ‘Terroristic’ Powder Attack

The FBI is investigating what the Kari Lake campaign is calling a “terroristic attack” against the Republican candidate for Arizona governor after white powder in two envelopes and “threatening” messages were placed at her campaign offices in Phoenix Saturday night.

The Daily Mail reports law enforcement spent seven hours at Lake’s offices from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sunday, in what her campaign terms a “terroristic attack, trying to intimidate Kari and the campaign staff.”

A source familiar with the campaign told “Yesterday, one of Kari’s staffers opened up an envelope that had a suspicious white powder in it and had a letter in there with a bunch of vulgarities and ranting and raving about Kari.

“The employee then noticed second package that was exactly like the first one she had opened and she reported it.”

The bomb squad and a hazmat team also responded, the substance was taken away by the FBI for analysis.

Jack Posobiec, a senior editor at and veteran Navy intel officer, went to Lake’s offices which were closed on Sunday, and posted a video update of the situation.

“One staffer is currently under medical supervision and the rest of the staff is being checked out make sure that they’re OK, they they don’t develop any symptoms,” Posobiec said.

“This office right here, right behind me is shut down now, and I’m told it may be shut down for the rest — not only of the campaign, the rest of the year, but obviously going forward.”

“We’ve seen in the last few weeks, a Republican candidate’s family being shot at while his children were sleeping. We’ve seen this attack happen against Kari Lake,” Posobiec added, urging Republican Gov. Doug Ducey to set up a security detail for Lake “immediately.”

“We need to shut down all of this. We need to find out who sent those packages, and we need to make sure that we calm down everything that’s going on. Every single one of these people needs to be behind bars immediately. Immediately, because there’s a lot of interests out there, whether this just be some leftist nut-job weirdo, or whether its something more. Because’s there’s a lot of people that don’t want Kari Lake to get in office. There’s a lot of people that don’t want Republicans in office. Because they want business as usual. They want to keep the business going across the border and they know people like Kari Lake are going to shut it down. The money laundering, the human trafficking, it’s all gonna be shut down. That’s what they’re trying to stop. That’s why they’re coming after Kari Lake.”

“Prayers up for Kari Lake. We need to protect her,” he concluded.

The Phoenix Police Department is also investigating, with Sgt. Phil Krynsky telling the Mail:

“Officers responded to a found property call at an office building near 40th Street and Camelback Road. When officers arrived they learned there were suspicious items located inside the mail. Additional resources responded to collect the items and secure the area. There have been no reports of injury and the investigation remains active.”

Lake, a former TV news reporter endorsed by former President Donald Trump as well as actor and WND columnist Chuck Norris in this Tuesday’s election, is in a high-profile race against Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs.

Lake’s campaign released a statement on the incident, saying in full: “Yesterday, a member of the Kari Lake staff opened an envelope delivered to our campaign office that contained suspicious white powder. It was one of two envelopes that were confiscated by law enforcement and sent to professionals at Quantico for examination, and we are awaiting details. The staff member is currently under medical supervision. Just two days before Election Day, our campaign headquarters remains shut down. We look forward to law enforcement completing their investigation as quickly as possible. Rest assured, we are taking this security threat incredibly seriously and we are thankful for the Phoenix PD, FBI, first responders, bomb squad, and HazMat crews that responded to this incident. In the meantime, know that our resolve has never been higher and we cannot be intimidated. We continue to push full speed ahead to win this election on Tuesday.”

Hobbs also released a statement, indicating: “The reported incident at Kari Lake’s campaign office is incredibly concerning and I am thankful that she and her staff were not harmed. Political violence, threats, or intimidation have no place in our democracy. I strongly condemn this threatening behavior directed at Lake and her staff.”

Ironically, Hobbs’ own campaign headquarters in Phoenix was broken into last Tuesday, and Hobbs initially suggested Lake’s team and her rhetoric were possibly the cause.

Lake called it “Jussie Smollett Part Two,” suggesting Hobbs was embellishing or perhaps even faking the incident to divert attention from super-thin poll margins.

The suspect, it turns out, was an illegal alien from Portugal, 36-year-old Daniel Mota Dos.

  • WEF says:

    Tell me again which party is a threat to our Republic.

  • Darlin1111 says:

    Hobbs has no business being governor, she doesn’t even know that our form of government is a Constitutional Republic and NOT a Democracy… They’re just enough different that the Dims would prefer a democracy to a republic…

  • John says:

    It sounds like the corrupted communist Democrat illegal alien and drug cartel party of pedophiles need to be shut down by Arizona State militia since the Demonic Antichrist anti-American fascist government refuses to do its job when it’s fake FBI vote stealing election rigging team members along with other three letter demonic communist Antichrist agencies that never investigated one single proven fact of a rigged election sit on there fat overpaid asses and do nothing but support terrorism against American patriots, those scumbags should be shutting down , arrested investigated and send these domestic and foreign terrorists where they belong in Guantanamo Bay starting with the 8-year Muslim monkey who started corrupting all these demonic three lettered agencies that 90% of Americans spit on today for committing treason & tyranny against American voters , these worthless demonic & satanic traitors don’t work for Americans anymore , right down to the CIA demons doing LSD experiments on troops in Vietnam they have a long history of drugging and using American people as guinea pigs for the sick satanic N.W.O AGENDA their initiating today with demonic experiments on humans like unleashing purposely designed lethal viruses and death vaccines for euthanasia purposes along with mind altering and mind controlling drugs to unsuspecting people, so much information that the public is not even aware of, do some homework you’ll be sick to your stomach that we pay these demons to experiment and destroy ourselves.

  • Sue s says:

    Crazed desperate democrats will do anything to get and hold on to power. Notice the democrat news media don’t even report on this or denounce the behavior.

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