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Kari Lake’s Legal Team Ordered to Pay $122,200 in Sanctions

The attorneys and legal firms for Kari Lake, the Republican nominee in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election, should pay $122,200 in sanctions to Maricopa County, a U.S. district judge ruled Friday.

“Plaintiffs’ counsel Andrew D. Parker, the law firm of Parker Daniels Kibort LLC, Kurt B. Olsen, and the law firm of Olsen Law PC, are held jointly and severally liable for the Maricopa County Defendants’ attorneys’ fees in the amount of $122,200.00. Alan M. Dershowitz is held jointly and severally liable with the aforementioned parties up to the amount of $12,220.00,” Judge John J. Tuchi for the U.S. District of Arizona wrote in the ruling.

Mr. Tuchi ordered the parties to pay the sanctions within 30 days of the ruling.

In the 26-page ruling (pdf), Mr. Tuchi spent a substantial amount of time determining Mr. Dershowitz’s role in the case. He disagreed that Mr. Dershowitz was just a consultant in the case but acknowledged the latter has played a limited role.

Based on the finding, Mr. Dershowitz’s responsibility was reduced to 10 percent of the total sanctions, which is $12,220.

Another focus of the ruling is the amount of the sanctions.

Maricopa County demanded the judge award a total of $139,950 in attorneys’ fees. The judge reduced it to $122,200 considering some of the items listed by Maricopa County are duplicated or not specific enough.

Mr. Tuchi said the ruling is to hopefully discourage future copycats from filing similar cases.

“Failing to impose meaningful sanctions here might very well encourage others to follow suit by lending their credibility to documents filed in court without facing any real consequence if their certifications prove hollow or incomplete,” he said in his ruling. “The need for general deterrence is therefore significant.”

Both Mr. Dershowitz and Mr. Parker told The Epoch Times that they will appeal the ruling.

“I did absolutely nothing wrong. I’ve been doing the same thing—consulting on constitutional issues as ‘of counsel’ for 50 years based on the advice of the nations leading ethics lawyer and its leading litigator. If the judge had assessed me $1, I would have appealed. I will take the case to the Supreme Court,” Mr. Dershowitz told The Epoch Times.

Kari Lake’s Election Case

Ms. Lake, a former television news anchor, and Mark Finchem, a former Arizona state representative, sued former Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and officials in Maricopa and Pima counties in April 2022, in a bid to change the state’s and counties’ voting procedures.

Mr. Dershowitz signed the complaint, as did Mr. Parker and Mr. Olsen. But he argued that he thought the complaint showed he was advising Ms. Lake, Mr. Finchem, and their team in a limited capacity. Mr. Dershowitz said he was only paid for three or four hours of work on the lawsuit’s constitutional questions.

Mr. Tuchi dismissed Ms. Lake’s lawsuit in August. The Maricopa County officials named as defendants sought sanctions against Ms. Lake for trying to sow doubts about the then-upcoming 2022 elections.

Defamation Case

Stephen Richer, the Maricopa County recorder and a Republican, filed a defamation lawsuit at the end of June against Ms. Lake, saying that he’s faced “violent vitriol and other dire consequences” because of “lies” spread by her, including death threats and the loss of friendships.

“Rather than accept political defeat, rather than get a new job, she has sought to undermine confidence in our elections and has mobilized millions of her followers against me,” Mr. Richer wrote in an op-ed in The Arizona Republic.

The suit, filed in Maricopa County Superior Court, names Ms. Lake, her campaign, and her political fundraising group as defendants. In addition to unspecified monetary damages, Mr. Richer is seeking a court order declaring Ms. Lake’s statements false and requiring her to delete them from social media.

The suit claims that Mr. Richer has faced death threats, including one that was prosecuted by the U.S. Justice Department, and has spent thousands of dollars on home security. He said he and his wife have altered their routines and law enforcement has stepped up patrols around their home and workplaces.

In response, Ms. Lake wrote on her Twitter page that Mr. Richer’s lawsuit is an attempt to censor her.

“I’m exposing the massive corruption in our elections and this … is suing me,” Lake wrote in a Twitter post. “He wants to silence US … corrupt elections have saddled us with disasters like [Joe] Biden and Hobbs.”

  • Mike says:

    Maricopa County is the gate of hell.

  • John says:

    Spit in the face of the democratic pedophile Epstein Island vacationing corrupted perverted judge that is trying to steal money from Kari Lake for this child pedophile protecting Democrat luciferian baby murdering corrupted campaign, smack this pedophile judge with a subpoena tell him to stick it in his Democrat communist judicial fat pedophile ass, refuse to show up for any fake indictments or arraignments and also gather masses of people to violently protest in front of his house threatening his life and removing him from office with constant physical and verbal violent threats in other words act just like a BLM and antifa piece of shit Democrat Dirtbag would act on fraudulent charges on every constitutional Republican they get up and fraudulently accuse, our real American citizens in this country actually have a reason to make a example out of this pedophile judicial scumbag and unleash the same mentally ill Democrat fascist and communist behavior on these demonic pigs , time to unleash massive civil and Constitutional Militia civilian forces against these demons Gathering and sentence all Democrat fraudulently elected Banana Republic pigs to high treason War crimes, communist collaboration, and bio-weapons attacks Against Humanity, then forcibly drag them through the streets and make example out of these luciferian meanest domestic terrorist demonic pigs , and the election stealing Antichrist trying to destroy the last shred of constitutional rights and Freedoms in this country as these communist pedophiles attack our freedom of speech, they’re going to destroy this Earth and Humanity anyway so it’s time for death to all Rich elitist Democrat luciferian pedophile embracing domestic terrorist and communist collaborating child predator Pinnacle and treasonous Satan worshiping N.W.O. E.U. & U.N. EURO TRASH DEMONIC GLOBAL PIGS cuz this is exactly what they’re doing to our constitutional government they’re doing it right now, and illegally and unconstitutionally progressing it more violently every day America is under a domestic terrorist attack why hasn’t a call to war been called by the Republican Party for this meanest coup Banana Republic invasion

  • Huck-Finn says:

    Just another way to silence the truth and shut down any movement meant to secure our electoral process. We are living in weird times, but we cannot give up or give in to those who would turn our nation into another Globalist Third World Nation. Keep up the fight for election integrity.

  • Wyatt Earp says:

    When you know you are corrupt. And show it by filing lawsuit to shut down the truth. Without showing the public the truth. From the beginning Hobb violation the constitution laws by NOT RESIGNED BEFORE THE ELECTION WAS HELD!

  • Falkner Evans says:

    GOP needs to rid themselves of this toxic loser!

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