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Kari Lake Responds After Hobbs Projected Winner of Arizona

The Arizona gubernatorial race was finally called Monday night, showing Democrat Katie Hobbs beating GOP opponent Kari Lake, but the Trump-backed candidate didn’t sound ready to concede just yet.

“Arizonans know BS when they see it,” the former television news anchor tweeted Monday evening.

According to Decision Desk HQ, Townhall’s election partner, Arizona’s current secretary of state won with 50.4 percent of the vote, a total of 1,266,922 votes, compared to Lake’s 49.6 percent, or a total of 1,247,428 votes.

The result came nearly a week after Election Day and after numerous problems with vote counting.

Lawyers for GOP candidates in the state filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County alleging “pervasive and systemic malfunctions of ballot tabulation devices and printers,” in Maricopa County, among other issues.

Some supporters of the Trump-backed candidate encouraged Lake not to concede.

Hobbs, meanwhile, thanked Arizonans.

“Democray is worth the wait,” she said on Twitter. “I am so honored and so proud to be your next Governor.”

  • African lady says:

    A recount should be done so that everyone is satisfied with the outcome. All the votes should be counted with people from both sides and whoever wins will be legit.

  • gypsy says:

    still no justice our votes do not count until justice is served

  • A. Michaels says:

    Well, we had a good run. 245 years, give or take a few, about average for a world power I guess. We’ve known, or at least suspected, that our demise wouldn’t come from a foreign power, but from inside our own ranks. Folks, we’re there, and we can all ‘thank’ the “these are not your father’s democrats”…democrats. This new form is the lowest form of life on earth, and the nation keeps ‘bending over’ and taking their nonsense. No sane person wants war, but who ever said the left was sane? They’re begging for one. They push and push and push. Time to push back.

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