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Kansas Sues Pfizer: State Alleges Company Knew of ‘Serious Adverse Events’ Yet Marketed Covid Vaccine as ‘Safe’

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach announced Monday he is suing pharmaceutical giant Pfizer for misleading Kansas residents about the safety and efficacy of its COVID-19 vaccine.

During a press conference in Topeka, alongside Deputy Attorney General Fran Oleen and Assistant Attorneys General Kaley Schrader and Melanie Jack, Kobach detailed the allegations lodged against Pfizer.

“Pfizer made multiple misleading statements to deceive the public about its vaccine at a time when Americans needed the truth,” said Kobach.

The complaint, lodged today in Thomas County District Court, accuses Pfizer of misleading Kansans about the vaccines’ risks, including potential harm to pregnant women and the risk of myocarditis. The suit further alleges that Pfizer falsely claimed its vaccine was effective against COVID variants, despite evidence to the contrary.

Pfizer is also accused of suggesting its vaccine prevented COVID-19 transmission despite admitting it had not studied whether its vaccine halted transmission.

The State of Kansas outlines several specific allegations in its lawsuit:

1. Pfizer misled the public that it had a “safe and effective” COVID-19 vaccine.

2. Pfizer said its COVID-19 vaccine was safe even though it knew its COVID-19 vaccine was connected to serious adverse events, including myocarditis and pericarditis, failed pregnancies, and deaths. Pfizer concealed this critical safety information from the public.

3. Pfizer said its COVID-19 vaccine was effective even though it knew its COVID19 vaccine waned over time and did not protect against COVID-19 variants. Pfizer concealed this critical effectiveness information from the public.

4. Pfizer said its COVID-19 vaccine would prevent transmission of COVID-19 even though it knew it never studied the effect of its vaccine on transmission of COVID-19.

5. To keep the public from learning the truth, Pfizer worked to censor speech on social media that questioned Pfizer’s claims about its COVID-19 vaccine.

6. Pfizer’s misrepresentations of a “safe and effective” vaccine resulted in record company revenue of approximately $75 billion from COVID-19 vaccine sales in just two years.

7. Pfizer’s actions and statements relating to its COVID-19 vaccine violated previous consent judgments with the State of Kansas.

8. Pfizer’s actions and statements relating to its COVID-19 vaccine violated the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, K.S.A. 50-623 et seq., regardless of whether any individual consumer ultimately received Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

9. Pfizer must be held accountable for falsely representing the benefits of its COVID19 vaccine while concealing and suppressing the truth about its vaccine’s safety risks, waning effectiveness, and inability to prevent transmission.

You can read the complaint here.


We previously reported that in a case involving the Health Freedom Defense Fund and other plaintiffs versus the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the court acknowledged the plaintiffs’ claim that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines do not meet the traditional definition of vaccines because they do not prevent the spread of the virus but only mitigate symptoms.

In its decision, the 9th Circuit highlighted that the district court had misapplied the precedent set by Jacobson v. Massachusetts, which upheld mandatory smallpox vaccinations due to their effectiveness in preventing disease spread. The court noted that the plaintiffs’ claims, taken as true at this stage, suggest that the COVID-19 vaccines do not effectively “prevent the spread” of COVID-19, thereby warranting further consideration of their allegations.

  • Dave C. says:

    To Boycotter ; Not try to be a Smart Arse . May be worthwhile to give a list of company’s ,who haven’t sold their souls to the woke devils !

  • JJ says:

    Thanks to Covid vaccinations, I have an issue with several random symptoms. It is difficult to diagnose, it is impossible to treat and it’s also difficult to find a doctor who will believe me and then try to find something to help!!! I wish I had proof that the vaccine was the problem but I don’t!! I have the feeling deep in my soul, though!!! I am going to be dealing with this for the rest of my life!! Insurance companies don’t know how to deal with this since it doesn’t fit into any of their code lists!!! It has been such a struggle; I cry frequently because of some of the symptoms and because of the lack of knowledge about this new syndrome!!! I’m not the only one, I have heard of many people with the same issues and who are blaming the vaccine and the virus as well!!! And Mr. Fauci is frustrated that we don’t all love the way he managed the Covid crisis………



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