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Kansas Man Speaks Out After He Was Wrongly Accused of Being Suspected KC Parade Shooter

A Kansas City Chiefs fan is looking to set the record straight after photos of him in handcuffs spread on social media following the shooting at the team’s Super Bowl parade last week.

Denton Loudermill of Olathe, Kansas, addressed the public with LaRonna Lassiter Saunders, a lawyer advocating on his behalf, in a press conference that was posted to social media over the weekend, KSHB reported. The father of three and Saunders allege that “misinformation” spread online accusing Loudermill of being a gunman behind the Kansas City mass shooting.

“I just want to clear my name that I had nothing to do with anything,” Loudermill said, adding, “I was just enjoying myself like everybody else, but other than that, I was out there not to harm anybody. I was just enjoying the parade like everybody else.”

Pictures of Loudermill in handcuffs spread on social media after the shooting, with some posts even claiming that the Kansas native is an illegal immigrant. Saunders said during the press conference that Loudermill was detained after having “several drinks” and was then released by police without a citation.

“Mr. Denton had several drinks, but so did a half million other people, including some of the Chiefs players,” Saunders said. “It’s not a crime. It doesn’t make you a mass shooter.”

“Mr. Denton has received death threats over a lie, over misinformation,” Saunders added. “He didn’t do anything wrong. He did not commit a crime. So please, run, tell that. Get the truth out there. Help us clear his name. Help us save his life.”

The Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department told KSHB, “There were many people detained at one time or another on Wednesday.”

“Some of the detainments could result in future charges unrelated to the shooting. No one who is believed to be involved in the shooting has been released,” the police department added.

Authorities are holding two juveniles, who remain unidentified, on gun-related and resisting arrest charges in connection to the shooting. One person was killed, and more than 20 people, including 11 children, were injured. Police identified Lisa Lopez-Galvan as the victim who died from her gunshot wounds. Lopez-Galvan was a DJ for a Kansas City radio station and the mother of two children.

Saunders said that she and Loudermill want the attention following the shooting to be on pursuing justice for Lopez-Galvan and her family.

“We want to focus on how great of a person she was and not spend our time letting lies, and misinformation, and bigotry and hatred spread,” she said.

  • Uncle Sam's Pride and Joy says:

    Show us the real shooters and people won’t misunderstand. What psychotropic drugs were the shooters taking?

    • Who Said What says:

      Until these punks are indicted for murder and will stand trial as adults, their names. pictures, etc cannot be publicized. I wish that wasn’t true, but it is the way the laws currently stand.

  • TD says:

    Social media, The troublemaking cesspool of the planet, Every time I think of Social Media I think of that scum puke troublemaking whiny geek collage drop out Mark Zuckerberg

  • John mulder says:

    Sue the clowns,it sends a message

  • jane says:




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