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Kamala Harris Unknowingly Claps to Song in Spanish Protesting Her During Puerto Rico Visit

Kamala Harris joyfully clapped along to a Spanish protest song before abruptly stopping – after the lyrics were revealed to be targeting the vice president and the administration’s foreign policies.

Videos showed Harris eagerly clapping and smiling as a group banged on drums and sang in Spanish during her trip to San Juan, in Puerto Rico, on Friday.

But her face fell after an aide leaned over to speak with her – presumably to translate the lyrics. Harris immediately stopped clapping, lowered her hands and assumed a more serious facial expression.

The song was a protest anthem that questioned: ‘We want to know, Kamala, what did you come to do? We want to know, Kamala, what is going to happen?’

This is the latest in a series of gaffes that have seen the Democrat’s approval ratings slide in what is panning out to be a ruthless presidential election year.

Harris was initially enjoying what she thought was a fun song but it appeared she was clued into the translation of the lyrics by Executive Director Mariana Reyes, who accompanied her on the trip.

The song took aim at the vice president, the Biden administration in general and their policies.

A half dozen demonstrators performing on the street in front of the vice president signaled support in their song for the Palestinian people amid conflict between Israel and Hamas terrorists in Gaza, as well as for Haiti as gang violence threatens to completely collapse the island’s government.

‘Long live free Palestine and Haiti too,’ they say in the song, according to a translation.

Harris met with community leaders during a tour of the Coyco Community Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Friday, March 22 when she was confronted by the protest singers.

The vice president was visiting Puerto Rico on a trip highlighting the Biden administration’s actions to support the island nation’s recovery and renewal efforts. She also attended campaign events while on her trip.

‘The vice president arrived, making history. We want to know, what do you think of the colony?’ the singers asked outside of the community.

During VP Harris’ trip to Puerto Rico, there were many demonstrators protesting her and President Joe Biden’s policies regarding foreign conflict in both Haiti and Israel.

People in San Juan burned American flags in the street during Harris’ visit and held posters with instigating messages like: ‘Kamala Harris War Criminal.’

Another said, ‘We did it, Joe: 14,861 children killed,’ in reference to the death toll in Gaza.

Over the years Harris has become known for her ‘word salads’, where she repeats phrases and talks in circles until the words lose their meaning.

Last year, she emphasized to reporters that ‘community banks are in the community’ and that investing in them is therefore good for the community.

She said: ‘And so for years we have worked to expand investment in community banks because, you see, community banks specialize in providing loans and financial assistance to small business owners, in particular those in overlooked and underserved communities.’

In a similar vein in September, she said: ‘We invested an additional $12billion into community banks, because we know community banks are in the community, and understand the needs and desires of that community as well as the talent and capacity of community.’

As well as verbal gaffes, Harris was criticized this week for being tone-deaf after she visited the site of a school shooting. Parents of victims slammed as her using their trauma as a photo opportunity.

Ryan Petty’s 14-year-old daughter, Alaina Petty, was killed in the Parkland School shooting in Florida in 2018 along with 16 others.

Harris went to visit the school on Saturday and made an emotional speech promoting promoting ‘red flag laws’, before paying her respects at a memorial to the victims.

But Petty slammed her for taking advantage of a ‘tragedy’, saying the visit was a ‘slap in the face’ to families from the shooting, he said: ‘I find the whole thing offensive’.

He told Fox News: ‘What they want to do is create an opportunity for the vice president to spout gun control talking points at a site that, quite frankly, is hallowed ground at this point.’

The incidents have seen Harris’ popularity plummet.

An NBC poll conducted in January revealed that 53 percent of voters view her negatively. Only 28 percent of voters view her positively.

A poll last year found Harris was viewed as the worst vice president in decades.

When asked to pick a word to summarize the vice president, respondents picked ‘incompetent’ far ahead of complimentary words such as ‘smart’ and ‘strong.’

  • Nancy says:

    She is the most clueless person I have ever seen in government besides Sleepy Joe. But it was hysterical to see her humiliated in front of all those people.



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