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Kamala Harris Is Ripped to Shreds for ‘Cringe’ Video with Queer Eye Cast Members at the White House

Vice President Kamala Harris received critical backlash after she welcomed founders and cast members of the show ‘Queer Eye’ to the White House.

A video of TV star Jonathan Van Ness went viral on Tuesday as he stepped up to the White House podium during the visit and hosted a mock press briefing.

‘JVN is it true that is all your natural hair?’ one cast member asked Van Ness, as he stood at the briefing room podium.

‘Yes I can confirm that this is not a wig, thank you so much for asking, no extensions,’ Van Ness replied, as the star tossed his silky long straight hair.

Van Ness confirmed he used JVN hair products to keep it that way.

Van Ness, who identifies as non-binary, created a line of JVN hair products after receiving wild success on the show.

Van Ness also spoke about which cast member of the original ‘Fab Five’ show cast was his favorite and why.

The White House sign was not on the podium during the performance.

But Van Ness’ mock press conference from the White House briefing room angered critics of the Biden administration.

‘Seriously, WTF,’ wrote best selling author Jordan Peterson, sharing the video of Van Ness on social media. ‘Enough of this.’

‘They’re making a mockery of our great country,’ wrote conservative social media influencer Libs of TikTok. ‘Disgusting.’

‘The world is laughing at us,’ one of her followers agreed.

Sarah Fields, the president of the Texas Freedom Coalition, also reacted negatively to the video, noting that Van Ness was a public advocate for children to get surgical gender transitions.

‘Aside from making a mockery of our country, this is an attack from within,’ she wrote.

Van Ness made headlines last year after the star broke down in tears during a podcast debate defending trans rights.

It is not uncommon for White House staff to invite celebrities to formally take the podium for remarks at the beginning of a press conference.

Last year, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre welcomed the cast of ‘The L Word’ to celebrate Lesbian Visibility Week.

Visitors to the briefing room also typically take photos of themselves standing at the podium and share them on social media.

The creators and cast of the show were guests of Vice President Kamala Harris last week, who invited them to her ceremonial office at the White House executive office building for an event to mark the occasion of the show’s 20th anniversary and Pride Month.

‘Thank you for a meaningful conversation, for giving my office your stamp of approval, and for being fabulous,’ Harris wrote, sharing a video of the visit on social media.

Eagle-eye social media users pointed out that the video caption for the Harris video read ‘Madam President,’ suggesting the vice president was getting ahead of herself with the title.

Biden and his top staff were away from the White House during their visit as they were attending the G7 Summit in Italy.

  • Lifesaver1 says:

    That entire administration can’t be gone soon enough!

  • southersgolfer says:

    So this is what our illustrious V.P. is doing with her time when she should be paying attention to matters at the border. None of this administration does their job. I hope everyone remembers this come November. It is time for the madness to stop.

  • FedUp says:

    Celebrating depravity and mental illness has gone way over the top.



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