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Just-Released Jan. 6 Videos Show Capitol Police Officer Lied in Oath Keepers Trial

Why did the Democrats have such a fit when House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) authorized the release of Capitol CCTV from Jan. 6, 2021?

It’s obvious by now, isn’t it? The footage has disproven the narrative that Democrats have pushed for years. For example, according to the Democrats, the Capitol riot was a violent insurrection. But footage released in November contradicted that narrative because it showed protestors calmly marching in the Capitol with security looking on without even the slightest concern.

These so-called violent protestors, who were allegedly trying to overthrow the government, also stayed within velvet rope stanchions that were demarcating where they were supposed to be. The left didn’t like that one bit.

More new footage has raised questions about the credibility of the testimony of Nancy Pelosi’s head of security, Special Agent David Lazarus, during the Oath Keepers trial.

Just-released U.S. Capitol closed-circuit TV video clips from Jan. 6, 2021, show Capitol Police Special Agent David Lazarus gave false testimony in the Oath Keepers trial, Blaze Media investigative journalist Steve Baker.

Baker penned an analysis in October calling into question Lazarus’ testimony — which helped convict the Oath Keepers — noting that time-stamped CCTV videos Blaze News observed show Lazarus in other parts of the Capitol complex at the time he said he witnessed now-former Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn interacting with Oath Keepers on Jan. 6.

Baker and others could view the Jan. 6 videos only on Washington, D.C., House subcommittee terminals in a limited and restricted capacity. What’s more, at the time of Baker’s Oct. 4 analysis, Blaze News was permitted to publish only a single Jan. 6 screenshot of Lazarus in the Capitol after then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted the previous day, putting video permissions on hold.

What does the new video show?

In Monday’s BlazeTV video, Baker breaks down Lazarus’ whereabouts in the Capitol complex in a detailed, minute-by-minute fashion using the time-stamped video clips recorded on Capitol CCTV cameras.

While Lazarus testified that he saw Dunn with the Oath Keepers — a claim that Baker said “bolstered” Dunn’s testimony — Baker reported that Lazarus “couldn’t have” seen Dunn with the Oath Keepers because the CCTV videos show Lazarus “was in another building a quarter of a mile away” at that time.

What’s more, Baker said that newly released videos showing Lazarus’ whereabouts were “never released” to Oath Keepers’ defense attorneys at the time of the trial.

“This should rock the Capitol Police,” Baker said in Monday’s BlazeTV video. “We received messages from our sources at the [Department of Justice] in Washington that they were ‘terrified’ of this story.”

Then there’s the screenshot Baker obtained of an internal email he said was passed between Capitol Police leadership. Baker said they “were concerned about the traction” the story was receiving.

Watch the video below:

  • Verna says:

    I’ve always said Pelosi and Pence were behind it together. I still believe it!

  • Southeast Missouri says:

    Prime example why the government isn’t for the people, the government isn’t to be trusted

  • Clay Janes says:

    Talk about corrupt police, here is one now. He lied under oath and should now be fired.



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