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Judicial Watch Releases Damning New Information on the Moderna Vaccine

News has come out regarding the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, courtesy of Judicial Watch. The watchdog group announced yesterday that it had obtained records from a FOIA lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease. The entities had failed to respond to a FOIA request filed in June of 2021 regarding “the biodistribution studies and related data for the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson& Johnson COVID vaccines.”

Judicial Watch said that the records contained information…

…regarding data Moderna submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, which indicate a “statistically significant” number of rats were born with skeletal deformations after their mothers were injected with the vaccine. The documents also reveal Moderna elected not to conduct a number of standard pharmacological studies on the laboratory test animals.

Moderna submitted a Nonclinical Overview to the FDA to have its vaccine approved. Included in that overview was information that rats born to mothers that had been given the mRNA vaccine had skeletal abnormalities that included conditions such as “rib nodules” and “wavy ribs.” Moderna said the conditions were not considered “adverse.”

Whether or not this is significant for pregnant mothers who took the jab more than likely remains to be seen. In October of this year, the CDC said that COVID-19 vaccines were recommended for people six months and older, including pregnant and nursing mothers and women who are trying to become pregnant. According to the agency, getting COVID-19 could result in complications that could affect pregnancy and a baby’s development.

The point is that Moderna should have told us about the issue with the bone problems in the rats, and the FDA and CDC certainly should have told us. I believe that is called allowing people to make informed decisions about their bodies. And last I checked, that was a very important issue for many.

During the pandemic, the public was urged again and again to get their vaccines, boosters, and third boosters. Even today, we are still being told to get yet another booster. It has even been billed as an important part of our holiday preparations. As I mentioned in another piece, my wife is still being asked how soon the next generation of jabs will be released.

Fortune recently featured an article that talked about a study in the American Journal of Medicine. The upshot of the Canadian study is this: people who opted out of the jab were 72% more likely to get into an auto accident. The theory is that such people distrust their governments. This, in turn, might also mean that they will ignore basic traffic safety rules. The authors of the paper went so far as to suggest that doctors talk with unvaccinated patients about safe driving and that insurance companies take vaccination status into account when it comes to issuing or renewing policies.

Earlier in December, the website [email protected] ran a piece highlighting a study by Northeastern physics professor Mauricio Santillana. Santillana, who specializes in epidemiology, worked with a team of researchers who tracked deaths from COVID-19 during the initial year of the pandemic. In a nutshell, the group found…

…that deaths spiked in well-connected, Democrat-heavy cities early in 2020, but that by the first pandemic winter, deaths were about three times higher in Republican-leaning—and specifically Trump-leaning—areas of the country.

So, as Gavin Newsom’s administration once said, “Vax for The Win.” Maybe. On the other hand, you could vax for myocarditis and children with bone deformities. But those details aren’t important. Line up, citizen. Get your shot, preserve your credit score, and keep your insurance rates low. Never mind those pesky rats. It’ll all work out. You have Biden’s and Fauci’s word on it.

  • Rudog says:

    yeh… c’mon man….in mid 2021 we already knew all VAXX we’re bio weapons waitin’ to KILL!!!!

  • D. Leary says:

    I am now so scared to death what the side affects will be on my own children and family members. Maybe big pharma should have injected their families first with their trials before reg. Population..

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