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Judge Rules Lawyer for Trump Prosecutor Nathan Wade, Fani Willis’ Paramour, Must Tell All

The judge presiding over Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s case has announced that the former law partner of Nathan Wade, who she is alleged to have had an intimate relationship with, will have to testify in court on his knowledge of the timeline of their relationship.

Bradley is the former law partner of Nathan Wade and his former divorce lawyer, who defense counsel claim has direct knowledge that DA Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade’s relationship started before he was hired in the Trump election interference case.

The judge’s decision comes after an in-camera hearing Monday, which will be kept under seal, with Bradley and his lawyer, after the judge had previously said it appeared Bradley may have been misusing his attorney-client privilege.

Fox News was also told that as for the data from Nathan Wade’s cell phone that the Trump lawyers are trying to get entered into evidence – the Judge has said he will take that issue up during Friday’s already scheduled hearing.

Fulton County DA Willis and Special Prosecutor Wade were responsible for bringing the Georgia 2020 election interference case against former President Donald Trump and 18 others last year.

Trump’s team filed a response with the Fulton County Superior Court on Monday to Willis’ denial following their original filing connected to the cellphone records.

A Friday filing from the attorney of former President Trump claims to show at least 35 visits by Wade to the Hapeville neighborhood before he was hired.

Wade testified last week that he did not visit Willis’ condo more than 10 times before being hired in November 2021. Willis and Wade maintain that their relationship began in early 2022.

The date when the two lawyers’ relationship began is key to the ongoing dispute brought by Trump’s attorneys, who argue that their romantic fling compromised the integrity of the case.

The defense is trying to prove the existence and extent of any financial benefit to Willis from Wade in their relationship, which is the heart of their argument that Willis should be disqualified.

  • Richard says:

    Biden has a plant inside of the Willis DA office that’s who is pushing all of the lies



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