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Judge Orders 2 Voting Machines in NJ County Opened

A judge ordered two voting machines opened in a New Jersey county so voting results can be retrieved after a poll worker had failed to retrieve them properly.

A poll worker in Manalapan County prematurely removed two USB drives downloading the results from a voting machine, according to Deputy Attorney General George Cohen, the New Jersey Globe reported.

One had incomplete data, and one had fully downloaded the results, meaning election officials didn’t know which was which. Due to the confusion, Superior Court Judge David Bauman signed the order allowing the Monmouth County Superintendent of Elections to open the machines.

“The entire process will be bi-partisan,” Cohen told Bauman.

In New Jersey, a court order is required to open voting machines within 15 days after an election so that results are free from tampering.

The results from the two machines are unlikely to affect any elections. Incumbent Republicans Mary Ann Musich and Eric Nelson are already listed as having won new three-year terms on the Township Committee, according to As of Wednesday, they were listed as receiving 8,986 and 8,740 votes, respectively, compared to Democrat Jamie Herr, who received 5,082 votes, and Lisa Lenn, who received 5,056 votes.

  • ThePeopleArePissed says:

    We must end the use of this dirty hardware & software, yet when our so-called elected leaders (Brian Kemp & Brad Raffensperger are prime examples) ignore the citizens’ demands for 2 years to be rid of Dominion, how do go about smashing this system? Obviously seated officials are of zero assistance.

  • sicsam says:

    Get rid of this company’s voting machines. Once again, they have been tampered with. Go back to the DIEBOLD machines and sue the current provider. People cannot be fooled again and the reliance of fair voting is in question.



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