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Judge Hands DeSantis Major Win in Lawsuit Over Migrant Flights to Lux Progressive Vacation Spot

A federal judge on Monday dropped Ron DeSantis from a lawsuit after the Republican Florida Governor coordinated flights of illegal immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard in 2022.

In a 77-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Allison D. Burroughs dropped DeSantis and various past and present staff members from the lawsuit over “insufficient facts” presented in the case.

Allison said the court could not “ascertain what actions were taken by whom and therefore cannot determine which, if any, of those individual Defendants transacted business or caused injury here, leaving it no choice but to find that, at least on this record, personal jurisdiction has not been established.”

Still, the ruling leaves open the possibility for further litigation against Vertol, the Florida-based company that coordinated the flights for $1.5 million.

Like his counterparts in Texas and Arizona, DeSantis started flying illegal immigrants to progressive states in late 2022 to highlight the Biden administration’s failing at the southern border.

Martha’s Vineyard is famously known as a playground of rich progressives, including former President Barack Obama, who bought a multimillion-dollar house there in 2019.

DeSantis proposed Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard as a destination for such migrants, but his office explained at the time that they could also be sent “to other ‘progressive’ states whose governors endorse blatant violations of federal immigration law.”

“As we’ve always stated, the flights were conducted lawfully and authorized by the Florida legislature,” a spokesperson for DeSantis’ office said.

“We look forward to Florida’s next illegal immigration relocation flight, and we are glad to bring national attention to the crisis at the southern border.”

  • Rick says:

    These poor migrants deserve a chance at a better life here in America. Why is such an open door liberal state like Massachusetts suing Ron, for sending these poor people looking for a better life to Massachusetts? Seems like their acting like a bunch of hostile hypocrites who don’t want these poor immigrants in their state. The closeted racist hypocrites are showing their true colors.

    • Nancy says:

      They are not migrants but illegals, what don’t you get, are you related to the crime filled Biden name?? Guess what we will send you the bill since your bleeding heart is so filled with love. Crime in your area, wait it’s coming soon, many illegals are criminals from crime riddled countries like San Salvatore, oh you are so gracious. Get off your high horse if they were dropped at your door and taken over your house as squatters, you would be the first one to cry and suck his thumb.



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