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Judge Grants Trump a Legal Win Over DOJ’s Request to Hold Him in Contempt

A federal judge on Friday rejected the Department of Justice’s request to hold former President Trump and his legal team to hold them responsible over the continued legal battle regarding classified documents found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence during an FBI raid.

The judge overseeing the case, Judge Beryl Howell, reportedly told the two parties to dispute the issue themselves and find a mutual agreement on their own.

The DOJ claimed that Trump’s team was not responding properly to a subpoena in May after they requested documents with classified markings.

However, a Trump spokesperson, Steven Cheung, argued that his legal team was cooperating fully.

“The president and his counsel will continue to be transparent and cooperative, even in the face of the highly weaponized and corrupt witch-hunt from the Department of Justice,” Cheung said in a statement adding, “if the Department of ‘Justice’ can go after President Trump, they will surely come after any American who they disagree with… President Trump is the only one who stands in the way of the un-American weaponization of law enforcement.”

After 90 minutes in the courtroom, sources said that the judge questioned prosecutors on how she could hold Trump’s team in contempt, noting that Trump’s lawyers have taken steps to alleviate the Justice Department’s concerns that there may still be records in Trump’s possession.

Howell also asked prosecutors why the custodian of records needed to attest that all documents had been returned despite Trump’s lawyers already informing the DOJ that they had searched four locations and found two documents with classified markings, which said documents were returned to investigators.

An MSNBC reporter suggested that the ruling implied that the DOJ has failed to tie Trump to the classified documents for indictment.

  • James says:


  • Ellie says:

    So much corruption, so many lies, so much deceit, so many evil deeds. Just beware, all of this HAD to happen so the Democrats could see the filth and dishonesty with their own eyes. It wasn’t enough for Trump to start blowing Washington wide open, exposing the underhandedness of Obama and Company to the country. The country had to see and feel their evil for themselves. “Tell the kid not to touch the hot stove…the kid touches it and gets burned.” The country HAD to feel the burn for itself in order to truly know how wrong and evil the Democrats actually are. They won’t all come to the side of truth and righteousness; just enough of them to make a huge difference and hopefully enough to overthrow the commie regime BEFORE a bloody revolution breaks out.

  • Billy Childers says:

    The problem with the system is that there are plenty of republicans with their hand in the cookie jar as there are democrats. You never hear but one or two republicans trying to change things. Our whole system of government is so corrupt that it is going to take a real turn around to correct the problem. Politics has become a career situation. Once they get in, they stay there forever. Their children marry children of their party and buddy-buddy continues. Look at the Clintons and their children and Pelosi. Everyone is cousins to everyone else. The news media is owned by the democrat party and so all the news is positive for democrats and negative for republicans. There are so many millionaire and billionaire democrats that are buying our government. That is the main thing that needs to be stopped. Our government is failing and so is our country and there is no one left to correct it.

  • vincent j frantantoni says:

    The corrupt political establishment simply cannot get over the FACT that an OUTSIDER, Donald J. Trump, beat them ALL at their game and became President. They also refuse to acknowledge that Trump was successful at keeping the little Korean rocket man from lighting off any of his missiles or rockets. Pitiful Pelosi and her crew are embarrassed that Trump was able to keep the Russian dictator, Putin, holed up in his office for four years. Smuckey Schummer and his crazy liberal crew are in disbelief that Trump was able to control our southern border, something that Smuckey and his now senile leader cannot, or intentionally do not want to do. Trump’s policies gave us a great economy and low inflation, once again embarrassing the Washington swamp.
    So, when the slimy swamp could not compete with Trump, they turned loose the FBI, the DOJ, and every federal, state and local law enforcement group, AND THE MEDIA to coordinate a massive legal attack on Trump and his family. Wake up, America, Trump is the competent leader we need to save America! Is he rough and boisterous? You bet! But what do you do when a large gang is attacking you? Do you make nice and say , ” Hi, guys, could you please be nice to me?”

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