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Judge Gives Ruling in Missouri Teen Kaylee Gain’s Case

The teen involved in an off campus fight near Hazelwood East High School will have a hearing next month to determine if she is charged as an adult.

A judge ruled Monday that the state must make that determination.

St. Louis County juvenile attorneys asked for an extra 30 days to complete a report that describes the suspect’s social and personal background. A certification hearing is set for May 10th.

“Our position is that she should not be certified. We understand that the law says that there has to be a certification hearing based on what she has been charged with. That’s non-negotiable but our position is she should not be certified. Everything is out there, about her being an honor student, she was taken AP courses, she has no history with the juvenile court. She has been the victim of bullying. There are other facts that we are going to save for court,” said Defense Attorney Greg Smith.

The fight left 16-year-old Kaylee Gain with a fractured skull and brain injuries.

Although Kaylee appears to realize that she is in the hospital, she does not understand why she is there.

Her family says that her ability to walk has slightly improved but she is still unable to do so without assistance.

Gain’s parents shared the following statement after the ruling:

“The family is encouraged, however, by public statements by those associated with the accused stating that the accused would like to apologize to Kayle for what occurred. While these statements do not change the family’s position that it is appropriate for the accused to be tried as an adult, it is encouraging that the accused appears to be remorseful for what transpired during these unfortunate events.”

Her family believes that the suspect should be tried as an adult.

  • steve says:

    If the role was Reversed, She would already be Locked up.
    She Should be tried as a Adult, Period.

  • TTLM says:

    LOL background. We saw all we needed to see that day. She had intent, period. Charged as an adult and prosecuted.

    I could give a shit if she was an honor student, one has nothing to do with the other.

  • Tank says:

    It don’t matter if she was a nun she knew better and could’ve stopped anytime but she didn’t. So she deserves the maximum adult conviction there is . She’s no better than anyone else. If it was the other way around this girl’s parents would’ve had blm al Sharpton and everyone else screaming for the max. So she did the crime she can do the time. Cause the race card will be played next. And we all know it.

  • Sam says:

    So – she was an honor student taking AP courses? Fluent in 4 languages and plays the violin? I’d be interested in hearing her speak those 4 languages and reviewing her class history. Sawing on a violin with a cross cut saw doesn’t count. In my opinion – her alleged”scholastic history and aptitude” merely proves she knew better than behave in that manner. She attacked Kaylee – she let her rage and hatred control her. It WILL happen again.

  • Henchy says:

    Charge the Racist ghetto criminal as an adult…fuck this monkey – this is a true “Hate Crime” and the assault to back it.



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