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Judge Dismisses 14th Amendment Lawsuit Against Trump

The legal wins for former President Donald Trump continue to pile up, this time via an Obama-appointed judge who tossed a case seeking to deny the Republican frontrunner access to the Florida ballot in 2024.

In a swift dismissal, Judge Robin Rosenberg ruled that the plaintiffs lacked standing to bring the case against Trump which alleged he violated the 14th Amendment by inciting a riot during the January 6, 2021 protests at the Capitol. Judge Rosenberg did not rule on the merits of the argument, instead concluding that Boynton Beach attorney Lawrence Caplan and two others lacked “standing” to bring the challenge.

“Plaintiffs lack standing to challenge Defendant’s qualifications for seeking the Presidency,” Rosenberg wrote, adding that “the injuries alleged” from the insurrection on Capitol Hill more than two years ago “are not cognizable and not particular to them.” She added “an individual citizen does not have standing to challenge whether another individual is qualified to hold public office.”

Caplan, who did not comment on Thursday’s ruling, previously told USA Today he believed there was sufficient grounds to contest his lawsuit given that he is not a candidate for office in Florida who could argue he was being harmed by appearing on the same ballot as President Trump. Still, he claimed, President Trump is so obviously guilty of inflaming the events of J6 that he should be disqualified from office.

“The 14th amendment is very clear that you do not need a conviction. You need to be accused and obviously there has to be a rationale for the accusation,” Caplan said at the time. “I read the amendment and I read the facts of the indictment, and they match very closely.”

The 14th Amendment was part of a series added to the Constitution during Reconstruction following the Civil War. It grants U.S. citizenship to anyone born on native soil and provides for “equal protection under the laws,” a clause intended to prevent the return of slavery.

The decision comes days after John Anthony Castro of Texas, a virtually unknown presidential candidate, filed a challenge to Trump’s candidacy in New Hampshire which similarly alleged he does not meet the qualifications to appear on the Granite State’s ballot. John Formella, New Hampshire’s Republican attorney general, said he is “closely reviewing” Judge Rosenberg’s decision before issuing an opinion on his own state’s challenge.

With President Trump’s popularity on a never-ending rise following four criminal indictments, opponents of the GOP frontrunner are pulling out all the stops to deny him another term in the White House. Recent polls have Trump besting President Joe Biden in a head-to-head matchup, and Tucker Carlson has floated the possibility that his opponents may become desperate enough to make an attempt on Trump’s life should he continue to defy the laws of political gravity.

  • Theresa says:

    Barry Soetor Dunham Barack Obama is behind all the false accusations, setting innocent people up, attacking our legal President Trump. Years ago, President Trump asked Barry Obama to show his real birth record. He was born in Kenya, Africa.

    Obama has naive, gullible, foolish people believing his lies and hating President Trump and supporters.

    Years ago, some brave guy filed a lawsuit trying to keep Barry Soetor Dunham Barack Obama off the ballot unsuccessfully. Obama was not born in the USA.

    They will NOT dictate to me who to vote for. I have begged President Trump to run and lead us. I want President Trump to have 2 full terms without interruption, without interference, without lawsuits, without slander, without investigations and treated with the utmost respect.



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