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Judge Cannon Issues Ruling That Could Lead to Dismissal of Trump Documents Case

Judge Aileen Cannon has granted former President Donald Trump’s motion to pause the Biden Department of Justice’s classified documents case against him in Florida after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of presidential immunity.

Veteran reporter Julie Kelly reported that Trump’s legal team filed the motion — which called for a pause in proceedings while the impact of the immunity decision is weighed — on Friday.

“President Donald J. Trump respectfully submits this motion for (I) leave to file supplemental briefing regarding the implications of Trump v. United States for the pending Presidential-immunity motion, ECF No. 324; and (2) a partial stay of further proceedings-with the exception of the pending gag-order motion, ECF No. 592-until President Trump’s motions based on Presidential immunity and the Appointments and Appropriations Clauses are resolved,” reads the motion.

“A partial stay that pauses CIPA and other litigation is warranted based on the reasoning in Trump, and such a stay would be consistent with DOJ policies and practices that the Special Counsel’s Office claims to be bound by but is largely ignoring,” the motion continued.

“Resolution of these threshold questions is necessary to minimize the adverse consequences to the institution of the Presidency arising from this unconstitutional investigation and prosecution. A partial stay is also appropriate to prevent further exploitation of judicial institutions and resources by Executive Branch personnel in connection with the shameful ongoing lawfare campaign.”

In an X post, Kelly reported that Cannon set a briefing schedule on immunity matter through this month. It is likely that she will schedule a hearing sometime in August.

Trump’s legal team also referenced the opinion from Justice Clarence Thomas, who argued that Smith’s appointment was unconstitutional.

“If this unprecedented prosecution is to proceed, it must be conducted by someone solely authorized to do so by the American people. The lower courts should thus answer these essential questions concerning the Special Counsel’s appointment before proceeding,” Thomas wrote.

Cannon is currently considering a separate motion to dismiss the case based on unlawful appointment of the special counsel. That motion was debated at a hearing last month.

  • gary says:

    I have very little confidence in Judge Cannon’s ability to correctly rule in the presidential papers case. Even a 5th grade can read and understand the Presidential Papers Act. I also believe she is grandstanding this case as long as possible to keep her name in the limelight.

    • Snickers says:

      Aww….don’t be a sore loser gary 🙁

    • Karen says:

      As a former Government employee, we all were trained on the handling of all Government documents. Trump was President and did nothing wrong. Feds go into his home with no witnesses and all of sudden they have all kinds of pics of documents. Who is to say any of those were real. That was the plan set up by the Biden administration.

      Next, Biden had documents when he was senator and vice pres; he DID NOT have any authority to have any of those documents. Then he had them piled in his garage, the university where Chinese are all the time and who knows where else. They said Biden had them in several locations. His book writer had access to them, the Chinese had access to them, and his criminal family including his drug addicted son Hunter. ALL these are a violation of a Government employees handling of classified documents. Biden should be in jail right now. If it was me who did that; I would be in jail.

    • Bobby says:

      You have a vagina gary. You shouldn’t be breathing.

  • T says:

    Look at how much bs has been revealed – such as FBI truning off cameras in Mar a Lago & planting mock classified documents – thanks to the actions of Aileen Cannon. If she had merely dismissed the case so much nefarious FBI activity would still be unknown.

    With her genius l think she will make sure this doesn’t go to trial. But not before every possible horrible act by Biden officials & agencies have been revealed.

  • See more says:

    I hope Judge Cannon dismisses all charges against Trump. She has probably figured it out that Biden and DOJ and Jack Smith was bringing false charges and trying to destroy Trump.

  • RA says:

    No brainier. Case should be dismissed. With all the lastest evidence out and Crooked Joe got off on his documents he stole and had no right to. See what happens



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