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JPMorgan Alerted US Government to $1B Epstein Transactions Linked to ‘Human Trafficking’

JPMorgan Chase notified the US Treasury Department of $1bn in transactions related to “human trafficking” made by Jeffrey Epstein after his death in 2019, a lawyer for the US Virgin Islands said at a recent court hearing.

Attorney Mimi Liu told federal court judge Jed Rakoff that the Wall St giant informed the US Government of the vast payouts in an attempt to CYA — or “cover your a**” — over its relationship with Epstein.

“Epstein’s entire business with JPMorgan and JPMorgan’s entire business with Epstein was human trafficking,” Ms Liu said, according to a transcript of the hearing.

“The only reason that JPMorgan after 16 years reported the $1 billion in suspicious transactions was because he was arrested and then he was dead,” she added.

The US Virgin Islands — where Epstein owned two private islands — is suing JPMorgan for at least $190m for for allegedly turning a blind eye to the late financier’s sex-trafficking and abuse of underage girls.

In June, the bank agreed to pay Epstein’s victims $290m for ignoring his sex offending and continuing to do business with until 2013, five years after the late paedohile pleaded guilty to child prostitution charges.

Ms Liu raised the $1bn in payments while arguing the US Virgin Islands should be awarded a summary judgment ahead of a trial scheduled for October.

She told the court that the bank ignored numerous red flags and continued to allow Epstein to bank with them, which earned them hundreds of millions of dollars and referrals to other wealthy clients.

“By 2006, the bank thus had reams of financial information related to Jeffrey Epstein that corroborated his sex crimes involving children,” Ms Liu argued.

Ms Liu drew the judge’s attention to $9m in suspicious cash payments and transfers of a few hundreds dollars each to girls and women, which amounted to “20,000 unlawful sex acts facilitated by JPMorgan.”

For JPMorgan, attorney Felicia Ellsworth told the judge that the Virgin Islands had not produced “a scintilla” of evidence that it had broken any sex trafficking laws.

She argued that the Wall St bank had flagged suspicious payments with the Treasury Department six times dating back to 2002, and they had failed to take action.

In past court filings, the bank has rejected allegations of complicity and attempted to shift blame for Epstein’s crimes onto high ranking officials, claiming that the territory shielded him from accountability while “reaping the benefits of his wealth”.

The case is expected to go to trial on 23 October unless Judge Rakoff awards summary judgment to either party.

Epstein, 66, killed himself in a Manhattan jail cell while awaiting trial for child sex trafficking in 2019.

  • Anika says:

    Uh…might want to change your name to LYING press. Epstein did NOT kill himself but thanks to dipshits like you, the government’s ass is still covered and until you stand before the judgment seat of Christ, you can hide in your basement and keep putting out bs articles to appease the elites. Of course, according to Rev 21:8, liar liar lake of fire!

  • Don says:

    He has a physically huge head. If he’s dead, he took a lot of names with him.

  • Lorna J Bishop says:

    Why is this bank even still in business?

  • f says:

    I’ve read many posts here who don’t believe Epstein is dead, or who believe Epstein was killed, (by the Clintons, etc). I’ve also read numerous articles on both sides of the coin, whether he committed suicide or was killed. I’ve also read several articles stating Epstein was a sociopath. Others state he was a psychopath. I’ll offer a few researched facts. But first, I must preface w/ this:

    FACT: Epstein was a psychopath – NOT a sociopath. There’s a difference.

    Some sociopaths are narcissists. Some narcissists are sociopaths. But ALL psychopaths ARE narcissists. Sociopathy is a learned behavior. It’s learned by others or the environment. Conversely, psychopathy is NOT a learned behavior. It is genetically contrived. They’re born w/ it. It’s in their DNA. In other words – they’re wired like this from birth.

    Therefore, (and again), the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths is this: ALL psychopaths are narcissists – not just some. In other words, they are in love w/ themselves, i.e. they will do/say whatever it takes to save themselves. Bottom line: They will (and have) KILLED to save their own lives.

    Thus, psychopaths are the most dangerous people on the face of the earth. They are NOTHING as they appear and can ‘sell’ their outward appearance of character masterfully. They are extremely intelligent, (most are ‘Mensa material’), creative and charming. However, their most effective attribute is that they are master manipulators who continuously utilize everything and everyone around them as tools to be used for their convenience and/or entertainment. Also dangerously present: THEY HAVE NO CONSCIENCE – NONE. Therefore, they have no remorse – for anything…especially if it results in negative consequences for others, and especially if the negative results are caused by them. They also do not possess the ability to feel others’ pain, and above everything – they believe their own lies.

    Collectively w/ everything mentioned, this is why it is EXTREMELY difficult to try and get ANY psychopath to fail a lie detector test. It’s also the reason why it’s so difficult to convict them. They can (and will) outsmart the most intelligent and experienced, not only in law enforcement, but also clinical psychology experts. Additionally, they also believe they’re above the law and will be able to escape ANY punishment given to them by the law.

    Prime examples of a psychopath: O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony.

    Therefore, I submit:

    It is LUDICROUS to believe that Jeffrey Epstein would take his own life. Yes, he was in prison. But he had EVERY reason to believe it was just another ‘temporary setback’ in his life…that he would be either found ‘not guilty’, or all charges would be dropped. Why? BECAUSE HE HAD THE MEANS AND RESOURCES TO BUY HIS WAY OUT. He had done it before, (SEVERAL times), and he was MORE than confident he could do it again.

    So, again, WHY WOULD HE KILL HIMSELF?! HE DIDN’T. Jeffrey Epstein is alive and well (and hidden)…and continues living the lifestyle of which he has been accustomed to. How do we know this?


    FACT: The night Epstein allegedly committed suicide, there was an inexplicable and mysterious ‘black out’ for several minutes at the prison. In addition, and to compound the situation, emergency power did not automatically activate. Result: There was a ‘blackout condition’ at the prison w/ NO power whatsoever for several minutes until power was finally restored.

    FACT: When power was finally restored, everything came back ‘online’ – everything but the cameras which were in proximity of Epstein’s cell.

    FACT: To this day, it is not known who discovered Jeffrey Epsteins’ body. The report only states that an ‘anonymous guard’ discovered his body lying on the floor from outside his cell. It also (conveniently) states the body could not be readily identified, as it was covered w/ a sheet. Also stated was the fact that guards were told to immediately seal off the area around his cell, and that no one, (not even the head guard), was allowed to go inside the cell. They were to wait for a ‘special team’ to go in and remove the body.

    FACT: When his body was removed, there was ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE confirming the body was that of Jeffrey Epstein – NONE. No video, (all the cameras were mysteriously turned off). No witnesses, (to this day, the records of those removing the body are sealed and cannot be accessed, per the 6th District Federal Court of NY.

    FACT: There continues to be conflicting stories given, not only by the M.E. and coroner about the results of the autopsy, (manner of death, cause of death, etc.), there continues to be conflicting reports given by almost every LEO who was on the scene. Almost ALL have changed their stories, (some drastically), at least once since the incident.

    FACT: After the autopsy report was made public, SEVERAL SME’s, (subject matter experts) around the world ALL agreed there were ‘numerous inconsistencies’ pertaining to the ‘Cause of Death’, (strangulation), and ‘Manner of Death’, (suicide). Statements regarding the position of the body, where/how it was found, and the alleged method used were all contra-indicated w/ suicide. Additionally, after examining the X-rays, they also concluded the ‘Cause of Death’ was more appropriately caused by strangulation – not suicide.


  • JJ says:

    So JP Morgan knew, 90% of the public knew but the government refused to do the right thing ????



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