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JP Morgan CEO Denies Meeting Epstein in Lawsuit Surrounding Sex Crimes

On Friday, JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive Jaime Dimon denied in a deposition that he ever communicated with or met infamous child predator Jeffrey Epstein.

Per a Reuters report, JPMorgan released a statement that said, “At today’s deposition, our CEO repeatedly confirmed that he never met with him, never emailed him, does not recall ever discussing his accounts internally, and was not involved in any decisions about his account.”

“Millions and millions of emails and other documents that have been produced in this case” showed that Dimon did not have “any role in decisions about Epstein’s accounts.”

JPMorgan Chase, the largest US bank, is being sued by the US Virgin Islands along with several women who have said they were victims of Epstein, and are seeking damages.

JPMorgan Chase started banking in 1998 with Epstein, who in 2008 was convicted for procuring child prostitution in Florida.

According to the Wall Street Journal, several senior bankers from Chase met with Epstein after 2013, despite claims that they ended their banking with the convicted sex offender that year.

Top lieutenant to Chief Executive Jamie Dimon, Mary Erdoes, visited Epstein’s NYC townhouse in 2011 and 2013. Erdoes previously claimed that her only memory of the child predator was the day she fired him as a client.

Dimon came on board the JPMorgan Chase team in 2004 and assumed the CEO role in 2005. He is not a defendant in the lawsuit but was ordered by a judge to leave up to four days for possible deposition.

According to the lawsuit, the bank is alleged to have known that Epstein was a child sex predator as early as 2006 and ignored the warnings.

In their statement, the bank said, “In hindsight, any association with (Epstein) was a mistake and we regret it, but these suits are misdirected as we did not help him commit his heinous crimes.”

Former JPMorgan Chief Executive Jes Staley has been named as allegedly being complicit in Epstein’s sex trafficking according to a separate lawsuit by an anonymous woman.

The bank is also suing Staley and has alleged he hid what he knew about Epstein.

Epstein died in 2019 under dubious circumstances that were reported as a suicide. Just before that, he had been arrested on additional sex crime charges related to abusing minors.

Epstein’s private plane, also called the “Lolita Express,” was used to transport political and media figures such as Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, and Bill Clinton to the island he owned, located in the US Virgin Islands.

  • Sassy says:

    If the list of names of the guilty parties ever came out THE WHOLE LIST, people would be shocked.

  • Freedom says:

    He is the CEO. It’s his job to know about the money laundering. Don’t let this man fool you. The buck stops with him. He is not foolish enough to leave a paper trail.

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