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Joe Rogan Thinks Jeffrey Epstein May Have Been a Secret Agent for CIA or Mossad

In the course of his long-form show, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” comedian, former MMA fighter and podcasting icon Joe Rogan suggested the notion that the billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and their child-sex trafficking ring all could have been part of a complex intelligence operation designed by the CIA or Israeli Mossad to compromise wealthy, powerful and influential figures in science, government and culture.

Mediaite reported that Rogan was joined on Friday’s edition of the show by comedian Whitney Cummings to discuss her new comedy special, “Jokes.” But the discussion worked its way, as many of Rogan’s shows have, around to the topic of Epstein and the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death while in custody.

Regarding Epstein’s connection with Harvard, Rogan said, “Well, he definitely donated some money to science. You know, but I had a conversation with a scientist who didn’t buy into that Epstein stuff and wouldn’t go to the meetings and stuff like that. And he said, he was really shocked at how little money he actually donated.”

“Interesting,” Cummings replied.

Mediaite broked down the exchange:

“He goes, ‘It wasn’t that much money.’ He goes, it was really like, ‘he was more than that.’ He was bringing them to parties. Like it was an intelligence operation,” Rogan said according to Mediaite. “Whoever was running it, whether it was, the Mossad or whether it was a CIA or whether it was a combination of both — it was an intelligence operation. They were bringing in people and compromising them.”

“And then when they would compromise them, they would use, you know, whatever they had on them to influence their opinions and the way they expressed those opinions,” he added. “And I don’t know why they would want to do that with scientists, which is really strange to me.”

“Epstein’s like, ‘I need you to do a study about how 15 year old girls are adults. They’re more mature than we thought,” Cummings joked. “But if a scientist donates, I’m sorry, if a rich person donates to a scientist, do they have any ability to weigh in or they’re just like I get no decisions about how this money spent.”

“I don’t know. I mean, I would imagine the money goes — like if you have a research grant and say like, you’re working on a cure for leukemia or something like that, you know, you find established scientists that are working on this thing, and then you allocate money so that they can work on projects, whether or not the person who donates the money has any influence on how that money is spent — I doubt it. I highly doubt I don’t, I don’t think legitimate scientists would adhere to that,” Rogan replied.

“I know that just my, you know, if you’re shooting an independent movie that has investors, Russian investors, Saudi investors, like you have to hang out with them,” Cummings revealed.

“Really?” Rogan said confused.

“Oh yeah,” Cummings reiterated, “They’re at video village. Like it’s kind of the — it’s like you have to flirt with them.”

Rogan’s analysis of Epstein’s behavior as an intelligence operation designed to compromise its victims goes back to the Soviet KGB method of ‘Kompromat’ as described by Alena V. Ledeneva in her book “How Russia Really Works.”

She wrote, “The word kompromat has no direct equivalent in English. Its literal translation—“compromising material”—refers to discrediting information that can be collected, stored, traded, or used strategically across all domains: political, electoral, legal, professional, judicial, media, or business.

“A recent dictionary of contemporary terminology defines kompromat as an abbreviated term for disparaging documents on a person subject to investigation, suspicion, or blackmail, derived from 1930s secret police jargon. In its contemporary context, the term is strongly associated with kompromat wars—intrigues exercised through the release of often unsubstantiated or unproven information (documents, materials)—which are damaging for all those involved.”

Epstein’s 2019 death due to an alleged suicide while in federal custody at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City (the first suicide at that facility in 21 years) under highly suspicious circumstances, coupled with his associate Ghislaine Maxwell’s late father Robert Maxwell allegedly having ties to Israel’s intelligence branch, the Mossad, have fueled speculation like Rogan’s following Maxwell’s conviction for child sex trafficking.

Investigations subsequent to Epstein’s death have also confirmed his connections to several universities and well-respected academics following his 2008 conviction in Florida for sex crimes.

The New York Post reported, “In 2020, Harvard found that the university accepted more than $9 million from Epstein during the decade leading up to his 2008 sex crimes conviction in Florida state court, but barred him from making further donations after that point.”

“It concluded that Epstein visited the Cambridge, Mass., campus more than 40 times after his conviction, including as recently as 2018. Martin Nowak, a Harvard professor who had close ties to Epstein and who allegedly gave him an office on campus, was disciplined by the school.

“The visits by Epstein stopped after other researchers complained to Nowak about Epstein’s presence, investigators said,” according to the Post.

They further added that other universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have been subjected to heavy scrutiny over ties to Epstein.

The former director of MIT’s famous media lab, Joi Ito, even resigned in 2019 amidst the scandal over his financial ties to Epstein. “He issued a public apology and vowed to raise money for victims of trafficking,” according to the report.



  • genat says:

    I had read references to Epstein’s working with Mossad for years prior to his arrest and “suicide.”

  • Jcat says:

    I have my thoughts about maybe he wasn’t dead, but no I don’t believe he had anything to do with what you said. He really is the scum they said.

  • Rita says:

    This is like two kindergartenners talking about quantum physics.



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