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Joe Biden’s Ghost Writer Is About to be Held in Contempt

President Joe Biden’s ghost writer, Mark Zwonitzer, is likely to be held in contempt of Congress as the House Judiciary Committee holds a markup of the move this week. After leaving the vice presidency Biden illegally shared classified information with Zwonitzer, who has refused to cooperate with congressional investigators.

“In the weeks following the February 5, 2024, release of Special Counsel Robert K. Hur’s report, the Committee on the Judiciary (the “Committee”), engaged with Mark Zwonitzer to obtain a limited set of documents and records related to Special Counsel Hur’s report. Zwonitzer served as the ghostwriter for President Joe Biden’s memoirs and Special Counsel Hur’s report revealed that Zwonitzer possessed records that would inform potential legislative reforms. After Zwonitzer declined to provide the relevant documents and records, the Committee issued a subpoena on March 22, 2024, to Zwonitzer compelling the production of six specific categories of documents and records, including audio recordings and transcripts of his interviews with President Joe Biden relating to his ghostwriting work on the President’s memoirs, Promise Me, Dad and Promises to Keep,” a contempt resolution report states.

“The Committee subpoenaed these materials for several reasons—including to determine if legislation is needed to codify procedures governing clear statutory guidelines related to the handling, storage, and disclosure of classified materials or modify criminal penalties for the unauthorized dissemination and disclosure of classified materials. To date, Zwonitzer has refused to produce any of the requested documents or materials,” the report continues.

“Zwonitzer continues to withhold all documents and materials in his possession that are responsive to the subpoena from the Committee. The materials requested from Zwonitzer are crucial for the Committee’s understanding of the manner and extent of President Biden’s mishandling and unlawful disclosure of classified materials, as well as Zwonitzer’s use, storage, and deletion of classified materials on his computer. Zwonitzer’s failure to fully comply with the Committee’s subpoena has hindered the Committee’s ability to adequately conduct oversight of Special Counsel Hur’s investigative findings, the Justice Department’s commitment to impartial justice, and the President’s retention and disclosure of classified materials.”

Biden continues to deny key facts of the Hur report.

  • Dee says:

    So why have they not arrested the ghostwriter? Hello, they are Congress!

    • Brighteyes says:

      they do not have the power to arrest all they can do is refer to the AG and they decide who gets arrested or not -thats why Biden administration/AG only goes after conservatives! Democrats and those doing Bidens bidding do not get arrested! Joes been covered for years with all his illegal dealings Obama was aware of what he was doing

  • OldVet says:

    By all means put the jerk in jail maybe he and Obiden can share a cell. He is in contempt of congress and all after all they jailed 2 of Trumps people for absolute BS. Oh wait he is a democommie so ass wipe Garggle I mean Garland will never touch him.



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