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Joe Biden’s Alleged Briber Had a Familiar Nickname for Him

As the media clamors about Donald Trump being indicted in the classified materials probe, more details about the alleged Joe Biden bribery scheme have come to light. Of course, none of this will see the light of day. It’s the Hunter Biden laptop story all over again.

We’ve noted how the timing of the Trump indictment is too good to be true. A damning document about Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in being paid $5 million by a foreign national is turned over by the FBI, and then Trump is slapped with new federal charges. There’s incriminating evidence of Biden’s corruption again, but Donald Trump will squeeze that out of the broadcast.

The FBI informant is also reportedly fearful that he or she could be killed if revealed to the press. This person also not only has information about this bribery operation stemming from Biden’s shady arrangements in Ukraine but quite possibly knows the man who bribed Biden. There’s a ledger of these payments. The stars are aligning on this ongoing probe into Joe Biden. What’s peculiar is that the subject who allegedly gave Biden the cash referred to the president by a familiar nickname (via Washington Examiner):

President Joe Biden was referred to as the “big guy” by the Ukrainian oligarch who owned the Hunter Biden-employing energy giant Burisma, sources say an FBI record reveals.

Mykola Zlochevsky, the Ukrainian owner of Burisma, was the “foreign national” involved in the alleged “criminal bribery scheme” detailed in an FBI confidential human source form, and Zlochevsky referred to Joe Biden as the “big guy” during a conversation a number of years before the June 2020 date of the bureau form, according to sources familiar with the FBI record who described its contents to the Washington Examiner.

The sources told the Washington Examiner that the Ukrainian oligarch discussed an alleged bribe of $5 million to Joe Biden and of $5 million to Hunter Biden, according to the paid FBI informant who said he heard this from Zlochevsky. The sources said Zlochevsky said he believed it would be difficult to unravel the alleged bribery scheme for at least 10 years because of the number of bank accounts involved.

Zlochevsky’s alleged reference to Joe Biden as the “big guy” appears independent of the apparent reference to the now-president as the “big guy” by a Hunter Biden business associate during negotiations with Chinese intelligence-linked businessmen. The China-related reference occurred in a May 2017 email not made public until October 2020.

The existence of the Ukraine-related FD-1023 appears to have been revealed to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) by whistleblowers in 2022, and Grassley told the Justice Department and FBI back in October to hand over “all records,” including “FD-1023” documents that “reference Mykola Zlochevsky, Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Joe Biden.”

Amid the threat of being held in contempt of Congress for failing to comply with a subpoena, FBI Director Christopher Wray allowed members of the committee to review the FD-1023 on Thursday.

Yep, it’s not the first time we’ve heard Biden referred to by this name. It was plastered all over the place in the waning days of the 2020 election that the liberal media expertly suppressed.

Before the Trump indictment news, Democrats and the media were working overtime trying to sell a fake narrative about this investigation, including the lie that then-Attorney General William Barr shut down the probe after finding no incriminating findings. Barr did no such thing, referring the matter to the US attorney’s office in Delaware.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), the ranking member on the House Oversight Committee, even went so far as to lie about the origins of the FD-1023, the report filed by the FBI regarding information taken from confidential human sources. He said that the report derived from allegations brought up by Rudy Giuliani. Again, that’s a lie, which was dispensed with within hours.

The sidebar here is that the old operation from which the FBI, the media, and the Democrats used to fan the flames of Russian collusion no longer works. They’ve been neutralized after the whole narrative was exposed as a fake, weaponized by anti-Trump public servants to hamstring and boot a duly elected president. With nowhere to pivot, this cadre of liars is probably relieved that the Trump indictment has allowed them to move onto something else, at least for now.

  • ron says:

    Americans must be radicalized to save America from the Domestic Terrorist Democrats and their like.

    • Thomas says:

      Correct. Ass you can see our entire government is entrenched with a cancer and the extreme left is their vanguard. We can’t count on our system to fix this. We have got to rally together but I just keep waiting for someone to start pulling everyone together. Surely there is someone out there that’s trying to assemble the defense of our country.

      • Sandy J says:

        There is. His name is Donald Trump.

      • Tamirose170 says:

        I agree Thomas – as I think I understand what you are stating. I had asked on Twitter if there was some way we could compile all of the Millions of Trump Supporters and then break it down by State – then have 1 person per State reach out to others in that State. Somehow “We the People” need to get organized, by State, then by closest City and get ourselves in lock-step. Censorship is SO bad right now – I’m not sure how else to do it – suggestions? I was wondering how many were going to Miami on Thursday, so Trump can see the sidewalks lined with thousands of us – He needs to know that WE are still here, WE are not leaving, WE need direction and perhaps WE need to coordinate something with his Campaign Team. He can’t move mountains alone but with all of us helping him; he sure can! Every time they indict him (E. Jean Carroll nonsense) and then this recent one – I donate on that day. Hopefully IF we did that – if even $10 – he’ll see on those dark days, that HE has all of us checking in to say “Hi” in our own unique way and that WE are here for you!

        • Jim says:

          Tamirose, Give it time remeber J6. Things must be right! keep praying, I am praying for GOD to send his Death Angle to D.C. and visit the white house, congress and a few other places All in his Will!! Joe can use his jet fighter all he likes!!!

        • Sarah says:

          Amen to your thoughts, Tamirose. Wish his campaign team would organize a peaceful protest. As we know from J6, BLM, and Antifa changed into Trump attire under trees at the Capitol and rioted. With the one-sided justice system, none were charged. Even though Innocent supporters have been convicted, I feel we should not be silenced from taking a stand for what is right and hold the American Flag in support of Our President. Otherwise, Communism Wins.

  • Geo says:

    They better hurry us and get some facts together before those witnesses are all killed

  • Tamirose170 says:

    So why is Jamie Raskin not brought up on charges to outright lying to the media? He hears one thing, multiple times, he sees the proof, the evidence, among other House Members and then all of the rest state “A” and he comes out with his bandana doo rag and states the total opposite and more or less says the Republicans are lying about all aspects of this – – Why is he not held accountable for LYING? He takes an Oath of Office and clearly has intentionally disseminated FALSE facts. It’s not like it was 3-5 years ago and his memory is foggy; he just was with them in that “Classified Document Room” with his peers moments ago and poof, he cannot speak the truth. We know he’s a Democrat and they have a hard time telling the truth unless it works to their favor – but that is blatant lying to the American Public. While we’re at it, who elected Dianne Feinsteins STAFF to be their voice? Dianne Feinstein could not put together even one word if she was fed Alphabet Soup and the staff have told us that “We are handling her daily duties and votes” – – Excuse me – IF Dianne Feinstein is that far gone that she, at 89 years of age, cannot fulfill her duties she must RESIGN. The People of CA deserve to have someone work for them, and they didn’t elect HER STAFF.

  • MK says:

    Big Traitor is more like it. I don’t want anyone in my family in the military service of this country for sure. If a shooting war with Russia or China happens, let Big Traitor’s son Hunter lead the charge and the idiots who voted for the Big Traitor can follow.

    • D says:

      Service is now so woke and they have taken away any real training. Now they just want to make sure that the right NOUNDS are used.

  • TD says:

    It pisses me off with the nothing is going to be done to Biden, He admitted to it on video and there is proof to no end, He gets bribed by Ukraine to give them billons of taxpayer money and they pocket it, And they are talking about Trump had a document and they are all over that, how stupid is this, can’t even a state charge that scum Biden, How disgusting

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