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Joe Biden Loses His Temper at a TikTok Star and Threatens Him at White House Party

President Joe Biden lost his temper at a TikTok star during a special White House meeting with social media influencers, even threatening to throw his phone across the room.

Independent journalist and social media darling Jonathan M. Katz started recording Biden, pressing him about his support for Israel during the war in Gaza. He asked him what he would do to prevent the ‘genocide’ that was taking place with American-funded weapons.

The president tried to sidestep the questions, claiming he was working to reduce casualties in Gaza. But when Katz pressed him on the issue, the president grew impatient.

‘I know you’re a typical press guy, you’re grabbing me in front of all this … but I trust you about as far as I can throw your phone,’ Biden said angrily. ‘I have a good arm man. I can throw a long way.’

Katz said he was approached by aides after the exchange and escorted away from the president.

He posted the video on his TikTok account which has roughly 70,000 followers. The video has been viewed 28,700 times.

@katzonearth Watch to the end. Had a chance to ask President Biden some questions about Israel, Gaza, and the student protests today. So I did. #biden #whitehouse #gaza #israel #palestine #badcamerawork #fyp ♬ original sound – Jonathan M. Katz

Katz wrote on his Racket news website that he was surprised to get an invitation to the White House in April that included a host of left-leaning social media stars and celebrities.

He said it was ‘ironic’ that he was invited to the White House even after the president signed a bill banning TikTok.

He also revealed that the guests at the White House included actor David Cross from the show Arrested Development, actress Fran Drescher, Yvette Nicole Brown from the show Community, Diedrich Bader from Veep, and Jon Cryer an actor from Hot Shots. The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper was also present and impressionist Matt Friend, and V Spehar from UnderTheDesk News.

As the exchange with Katz revealed, many young progressives on TikTok remain angry at the White House because of Biden’s support for the Israeli war in Gaza.

The New York Times reported Friday that Biden and Democrat allies are ‘working furiously’ to build an army of social media supporters who will create pro-Biden content for social media.

The Biden campaign has spent $2 million to retain the firm Village Marketing, according to the report, which focuses on social media outreach.

The Democratic National Committee is planning to invite a host of influencers to the convention, but they are not keen about future uncomfortable videos of TikTok stars interacting with the president.

Social media star Joshua Doss was recently contacted for an interview with Biden, but was told that he could not ask about Gaza.

Biden continues struggling to earn support from young stars on TikTok, especially after signing a bill that would effectively ban the app if the Chinese-owned company does not sell it.

Former President Donald Trump made a monster debut on TikTok earlier this month, with 6.3 million followers while the Biden campaign account only has 376,000 followers.

Biden has also lashed out publicly against traditional media outlets.

During a press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the G7 Summit in Italy on Thursday, Biden complained that reporters were not following the ‘rules’ by only asking questions about Ukraine.

‘I wish you guys would play by the rules a little bit,’ he said grumpily after reporters asked about the war in Gaza.

Biden also has threatened to fight journalists, when questioned about his age.

‘I can do it better than anybody you know,’ he said to TIME reporters during an interview. ‘You’re looking at me, I can take you too.’

  • Susan says:

    Katz is a libtard. Enough said and I really don’t care. Why post stories like this?

  • Scurvydog says:

    Reap it, Joe! You live out of so many faces, even the lefties are turning on you now! I hate the “progressive” movement! I hate any thing that wants to hurt Israel’s status as a free country, and want’s to take everything away to give to so called Palestinian arabs. What a crock!

  • RS says:

    It seems to me that Mr. Biden is gettig more and more angery everyday while
    he’s in punlic view, why is this! can it be dementias of some kind threating peoples phone be thaken away is he going off his rocker, this is not a good sign to be displaying in public. It’s time for an investigation publicly not one of these behind closed doors it must be in full public view on the record immutability. He is certainly not up to the standards or worthy of this office. I don’t believe i’m the only person on earth that see this.

  • Juanita says:

    Always the tough guy. What a joke.



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