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Jim Jordan Issues Strong Message for Republicans Ahead of Speaker Vote

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has sent a Dear Colleague letter to his fellow Republicans, calling for unity as they prepare for a key vote on Oct. 17 that could elevate him to the role of House Speaker, with Mr. Jordan stressing the importance of focusing on shared principles and working together for the benefit of the American people.

In his letter, dated Oct. 16 and obtained by The Epoch Times, Mr. Jordan acknowledged the diversity within the Republican Party, embracing the various backgrounds and perspectives of its members.

“As Republicans, we are blessed to have an energetic conference comprised of members with varied backgrounds, experiences, skills—just like the country we represent,” he wrote. “We may not always agree on every issue or every bill, and that’s all right. We don’t march in lock-step like our Democrat colleagues.”

Mr. Jordan highlighted the party’s commitment to robust debate, valuing the discussions that shape conservative policies. He stressed that while disagreements exist, the party’s shared principles outweigh their divisions and emphasized the need to refrain from internal fighting, especially at this key juncture.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was removed from his role as House Speaker on Oct. 3 after a 216–210 vote, with eight Republicans joining all Democrats who were present voting to remove him from the post.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) defeated Mr. Jordan in a two-person race for the speakership but, after winning the GOP nomination, Mr. Scalise withdrew his candidacy after failing to secure enough support.

Then, on Friday, Mr. Jordan defeated Rep. Austin Scott (R-Ga.) by a 124–81 vote to become the Republican Party’s new nominee for speaker.

A vote for the new speaker is scheduled for noon on Oct. 17.

Speaker-Designate Nomination and Moving Forward

Acknowledging his nomination as speaker-designate, Mr. Jordan’s letter included a note of gratitude for the honest conversations he said he had held with fellow Republicans.

Mr. Jordan said he recognized their frustrations regarding recent events involving party leaders Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Scalise, while stressing the importance of moving forward.

“The principles that unite us as Republicans are far greater than the disagreements that divide us,” he wrote. “And the differences between us and our Democrat colleagues vastly outweigh our internal divisions.”

Mr. Jordan then indicated his intent to unite the party by ensuring broader Republican representation in major decisions. He emphasized empowering committees and their chairs to lead legislative efforts through regular order, aiming to pass “responsible legislation” that would fund the government and support the military.

“The country and our conference cannot afford us attacking each other right now,” he wrote, adding that “it is time we united to get back to work on behalf of the American people.”

Key Priorities

Mr. Jordan outlined his priorities if elected speaker, focusing on defending and expanding the Republican majority.

He pledged to advocate for increased Republican participation in decision-making processes, pledging to empower local representatives to better serve their constituents.

Mr. Jordan underpinned his call for unity by what he said was a Republican vision for America that “is grounded in boundless optimism.”

“America is a nation of explorers and risk-takers. There is nothing that the United States can’t achieve and no limit to our nation’s success,” he wrote, saying that these are principles all Republicans share while urging his fellow party members to unite around them.

Mr. Jordan reiterated his confidence that, when united, Republicans have the potential to achieve remarkable outcomes for the American people.

As the Oct. 17 vote approaches, Republicans are faced with a choice: to unite under Jordan’s vision or continue internal discord. The outcome of this crucial vote will likely shape the direction of the party and its legislative agenda for the foreseeable future.

‘Deal Will Have to Be Done’ With Democrats

A top House Republican said that if the GOP is unable to come together to elect a House Speaker in the near future, than a “deal will have to be done” with Democrats.

Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) made the remark in an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, after being asked about whether there is a scenario in which certain Republicans will have to work with Democrats to elect a speaker.

Mr. Turner, who heads the powerful House Intelligence Committee, said he supports Mr. Jordan’s bid for speaker but there are doubts about whether he’ll be able to secure the 217 needed to win.

“I think Jim Jordan will be an excellent Speaker. I think he’ll be able to get to 217. If not, we have other leaders in the House. And certainly, if there is a need if the radical, you know, almost just handful of people in the Republican side, make it unable … to be able to return to general work on the House, then I think obviously, there will be a deal [that] will have to be done,” Mr. Turner said.

Over the weekend, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) said in an interview that there have been talks behind the scenes among Republicans and Democrats to elect a speaker that include a bipartisan governing coalition.

“We have made clear publicly and privately that we are ready, willing, and able to enter into a bipartisan governing coalition,” Mr. Jeffries said during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday. “We can change the rules to facilitate bipartisanship, and that should be the starting point of our conversation.”

Mr. McCarthy, the ousted former speaker, said Monday that he feels “very good” about the prospect that Mr. Jordan will emerge victorious.

  • MBeached says:

    This time ALL THE HOLDOUT RINOs absolutely need to be primaried out of Congress. This has got to stop. REBUBLICANS—-you need to unite on something, ANYTHING. This should be the first, to get behind your fellow majority and DO THE RIGHT THING.

  • Fecking Brandon says:

    Y’all DA ReStupicans are PMO, royally!!! I’m a registered Republican voter n angry enough to change to an Independent!!! Why aren’t ya’ll together instead of separate, ya Stupid Fecks??!!?? Do y’all want a DemonRat Speaker AGAIN$@$%#& Y’all BETTER get your cchhiitt TOGETHER b4 a DemonRat is elected as Speaker‼️‼️‼️‼️

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