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Jeremy Ruehlemann’s Cause of Death Revealed

Model Jeremy Ruehlemann died from an accidental drug overdose on Saturday after a years-long addiction to prescription pills, has learned.

The 27-year-old’s father Achim Ruehlemann has confirmed his cause of death in an exclusive interview with, a day after his son’s passing was announced on social media.

Speaking from his home in Waldwick, New Jersey, on Tuesday, the bereaved dad revealed Jeremy had struggled with addiction to the painkiller Percocet and other prescription drugs, and had gone to rehab in the past.

‘He did rehab and had tried to get off prescription medication,’ the father said, his face pale and eyes sunken from a lack of sleep since his son’s death.

‘Obviously, he was not successful.’

Ruehlemann, 59, however, did note that they are not ‘100 per cent sure exactly what happened’ as they are still awaiting the results of the toxicology tests, but described the death as a tragic accident.

‘There was no desire to end his life, this was accidental,’ he said. ‘Obviously, he had some issues with drug addiction, but he was very happy. He loved life. He was very vibrant, a wonderful soul and a very giving guy.

‘You could see what people are saying about him on social media,’ the grieving father continued, highlighting one Instagram post from fashion designer Christian Siriano who considered Jeremy to be his muse.

‘Siriano gave a very nice tribute,’ said the father, who works in manufacturing cosmetics.

‘I don’t know if there’s anybody who could say anything negative about him. It’s just a tragedy.’

In a statement to, the NYPD confirmed the younger Ruehlemann was discovered at his friend’s midtown Manhattan apartment after police received a 911 call at 9:50am on Saturday about an ‘unconscious male’.

Officers arrived to find the 27-year-old ‘unconscious and unresponsive’ in the bathroom and he was pronounced dead at the scene. The Medical Examiner’s Office is investigating the cause of death.

The friend, a young man, wiped tears from his eyes when approached by

‘He was one of my best friends,’ he said. ‘Despite everything that happened, he was happy.’

A funeral service for Ruehlemann will be held Saturday at Burnett & White Funeral Home in upstate Red Hook, New York. His wake will be on Friday, his family said.

  • Carolyn Brown says:

    I would still wonder if he was vaccinated and that contributed

  • SHAMUS says:

    Nothing in the universe of “ILLICIT” drug use is “ACCIDENTAL,” so STOP!!! It make you look IGNORANT to even hint that “Drug Abuse” DEATHS are “accidental”!!

  • Susan says:

    Such a tragedy. Unfortunately so many experience the heartbreak caused by drug abuse. RIP young man. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    Maybe his Dad should wait to see the Toxicology Report before making any statement. A Pregnant MAN has a better chance of having twins that an American does of getting any pain medication in a dosage that would kill him – – – Ever since the CDC blasted all media outlets incessantly and wrote “Guidelines to Opioids” -they arbitrarily picked 150 mEq # w/o rhyme or reason (same thing they did for COVID guidance too) but their Guidelines stripped 50 Million legitimate, law-abiding chronic pain patients in America, of legitimate MEDICATION and left them in agony, unable to function anymore – This young man either was stealing authentic meds from a legitimate patient or he found a small Pill Mill that has been shuttered yet (hard to believe because most pharmacist refuse to fill an RX-thanks to the CDC), a friend lost a parent to terminal cancer and had their narcotics still in a bottle so sold/gave him them, close & personal friend who works in a Nursing Home or Hospital where 7 Million narcotics get written off every year (oops, dropped on floor), or he might have purchased Percocet via the Dark web which means he ?might? have recd the legitimate pills but from a different country. But ~ ~ most likely he purchased counterfeit Percocet and they were just sugar mixed with illegal/dangerous backyard made fentanyl) I’d wait for the Toxicology Report to come in but I highly doubt that he died from Prescription Percocet that were prescribed for him – – Have you heard of any other Country that was at War for 70+ years ~ it’s just so financially lucrative for our corrupt govt officials every year when they increase the budget to fight this “war” – – LOL. I’m going to say that Hunter Biden probably has orchestrated and fine-tuned the importation of illegal drugs and created the most efficient distribution of product throughout our Country – – He’s not finger-painting anymore, not on any Oil Company Board of Directors so with the amt of illegals coming across, I think Joe found his sons’ niche ~ Joe always says that Hunter is the smartest person he knows =



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