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Jen Psaki Makes Embarrassing Admission About President Biden’s Schedule

On Monday’s installment of Morning Joe, former White House Press Secretary-turned-pundit Jen Psaki was called upon to share her thoughts on Biden’s speech about two bank failures that shook stocks on Wall Street and sent ripples through global markets.

But, instead of emphasizing the substance of Biden’s remarks — the president insisted Americans “should feel confident” after the biggest bank failures since 2008 — Psaki decided to make her point about the timing of his remarks. That’s where things went south.

“It’s important to note, President Biden does nothing at 9:00 AM,” Psaki emphasized — apparently not realizing that such a quip wouldn’t land the way she intended. “He is a night owl,” Psaki continued, “so the fact that he is doing this at 9:00 AM anyway speaks to how vital the White House recognizes it is for him to have his voice out there conveying that to the American public.”


So, Biden stays up too late to do anything before 9:00 AM? Is that of any concern to anyone else in the White House, maybe? Regardless, Jen Psaki proved again that she’s still not great at communicating information about the Biden administration, even after leaving her post behind the briefing room podium.

But there’s another flaw with Psaki proudly explaining how Biden “does nothing at 9:00 AM” — because Biden is, reportedly, not actually a night owl.

One CNN Politics writeup dives “Inside the new President’s routine: Oval Office fires and early bedtimes.” Wait a second…

CNN’s report continues with an even more damning refutation of Psaki’s statement:

Unlike his most recent predecessors – night owls who spent the dark hours reading briefing materials (President Barack Obama) or watching television (President Donald Trump) – Biden is more of an early-to-bed type…

He has established a regular schedule, including coffee in the mornings with the first lady, meetings and phone calls from the Oval Office starting just after 9 a.m. and a return to his residence by 7 p.m.

Ah, so Biden is actually *not* a night owl. Yet he still doesn’t do anything at 9:00 AM, according to Psaki? We’re gonna need some clarification from Karine Jean-Pi… never mind.

  • Ron says:

    you folks voted for this. remember this!

  • What a clutz says:

    So this was saki’s plan. Break away from Democrats, join the MSM. Yes she finally completed her circle back mission, to berate biden and his incompetent Party of DEMOCRATS. Thank you super democrat Rhino Jen! Americans want more Truth. Bring it all out on MSM. Maybe their ratings will sore to number 35 in the top 10…lol !!!

  • Sicsam says:

    For once, Psaski “circled around,” and told the truth about dickhead Biden. He is such a worthless POS!

  • JJ says:

    I don’t know exactly how she knows what Trump did in the White House during the evening hours!! Just how does she know that he watched TV or that Obama actually read the papers he was looking at??? Some people just love the sound of their own voice so they say whatever foolish thing comes to mind!!!



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