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JD Vance Raises Key Question About Ohio Train Derailment

The news of the train derailment in Palestine, Ohio gets worse by the day as local government officials attempt to censor information and signs of chemical contamination become more clear.

As Spencer reported Monday, the scene was described as “nuking an entire town.”

During an interview with Fox News Monday night Republican Senator JD Vance discussed the situation, making a crucial point about trillions of dollars in federal, taxpayer funded infrastructure spending that has seemingly led to decreased rail conditions.


Meanwhile, the situation continues to affect fearful Palestine residents and beyond.

“Why did this happen? After the cleanup and safety of everyone is ensured, we will turn our attention to how to prevent this in the future. Many questions remain unanswered about the quality of the braking system used, the durability of the repair parts in the trains, and the Transportation Department’s regulatory approach to our nation’s rail system. Aside from this incident, there is a troubling trend of catastrophic infrastructure problems in our country, and more than a few reports of sabotage. My office will be investigating these concerns in the weeks to come,” Vance released in a statement about the situation. “I am dedicated to ensuring that the relevant authorities do not use tests conducted as a permission slip to pack up and go home. This is a complex environmental disaster with impacts that may be difficult to assess in the short term. Long-term study will be imperative. As will long-term commitment to remediation by Norfolk Southern for the property damaged, the wildlife disrupted, and the community scarred by this accident.”

  • ObamaBinBidenTheDeathOfAmerica says:

    Obama Bin Biden will spin the entire story and tell the world that JD was responsible for the toxic death cloud they unleashed on predominantly republican areas of Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia and Eastern Pennsylvania. Watch and see!! Between this and Nordstream sabotage Biden has brought the planet closer and closer to extinction. GO GREEN MY ASS!! HE REALLY MEANS GO EXTINCT!! PATHOLOGICAL LIAR

  • Patty says:

    Something really fishy about all of this! Animals are getting sick and dying, WHAT was in those rail cars? They aren’t telling us, just more lies!

  • Juan says:

    Whoever’s responsible did just as much damage to multiple states as a nuke would have. I was watching a video with a guy explaining what one of those chemicals does, it has an amazingly low boiling point so it turns into a gas as soon as it hits the air and when it comes in contact with water it turns into an acid. So that massive cloud of that crap that’s covered half the country is going to start pouring acid rain stronger than anything imaginable. As far as the rivers and streams they are dead and likely won’t support life for decades. Drinking water, wells, lakes are all poisonous now and we’re about to see a massive kill off of every animal and insect in hundreds of thousands of square miles. This isn’t being talked about because it’s literally the biggest environmental disaster ever seen in the United States. That stuff was actually used as a chemical weapon during WWI the shit hasn’t even begun to hit the fan yet.

  • Bill says:

    This is a huge story, and Pete Buttigieg is nowhere to be found? Missing in action once again, because he has no clue what he’s doing as our Secretary of Transportation! But he’s real good at changing pronouns when it comes to “Notice to Airman”. Unbelievable!!

    • Proud Veteran says:

      Buttplug is doing nothing except complaining about what color the people working on this catastrophe are. The cleanup crew isn’t inclusive enough for Buttplug! He doesn’t care about doing his job as “transportation secretary”! He’ll probably call in sick for the next month!

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