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James O’Keefe Announces His New Venture

Something was truly lost when James O’Keefe and Project Veritas had an unhappy parting of the ways, as we reported in February. Project Veritas’ social media following went into free fall after his ousting, and virtually everything they posted on Twitter was met with people saying, “Bring back James O’Keefe.”

Many were concerned that this would cause his crusading mission to call out corruption and the left would suffer because of his leaving the organization.

But perhaps not for long.

Now O’Keefe is announcing a new venture for all those who were concerned. It sounds like he will be up and at it again soon.

He started with this humorous tease.

“The Ides of March have come. We launch today. #OMG,” O’Keefe tweeted.

Then he preceded to explain “OMG” — O’Keefe Media Group — with a flashy new video.

The video recounts how he spent 14 years going after the news, only to be “defamed, arrested, raided, and ultimately removed from the organization” that he spent so much time developing. “I always knew they would try to ruin the reputations of those who expose them,” he says on the video. “The pharma giants, the three-letter government agencies, and those who I thought I could trust. But in response, we are going to build an army of investigators and exposers. They have awakened a sleeping giant.” O’Keefe declares. “I’m back!”

“My brand new movement O’Keefe Media Group will not just be me – It will include you. Let’s build this army and keep every statehouse, every city council, every school board, and everywhere people are conspiring to keep power, proactive favoritism, or line their pockets with tax dollars! Become a founding member today!”

He gave an interview to Charlie Kirk, in which he said he was going to empower citizen journalists to break news all across the country. He said he had about 12 journalists working with him who would help him in his endeavor to train people. “We are going to create an army of citizen journalists the like of which the world has never seen.”

“It’s not going to be a tiny group. It’s going to be thousands that we train and equip on this website. We have stories that we’re about to break, but the story today is the existence of this website,” O’Keefe said. He said he would be hosting classes and doing seminars around the country. The “millions of people” out there who want to do something, he said, “well, this is the answer.”

It’s rather a brilliant idea, to help enable anyone to cover that local story that is moving you with the help of OMG, which could then highlight it across the country and then push for the change or accountability that might be needed. And then you wouldn’t just have one James O’Keefe, you could have effectively a “James O’Keefe” everywhere, across the country, wherever he might be needed. That should make the left and all those who are corrupt start to quake in their boots.

The announcement was welcomed by many, some of whom were also tickled and thought the initials truly apropos.

  • John says:

    People are tired of the same deception, lies, and games every election as we lose our country, constitutional rights, our freedoms, & our religious freedoms by a bunch of democrat & Rino domestic terrorists, immoral mentally ill, child predators and Satan worshiping scum practicing their rituals on our tax money and in our corrupted government agencies, of this Democrat Communist Party trying to push their N.W.O Antichrist agenda down people’s throats, using forced communism & facisism , the only thing that the real Trump conservative party of true Americans should be doing right now is mounting a congressional Constitutional Militia to forcibly take back our hov from these fraudulently elected elections, by a communist domestic terrorists Democrat corrupted fascist coup ,who have destroyed our nation of laws with their corrupted Epstein Island vacationing pedophile protecting judges and corrupted tyrannical entreasonist three-lettered agencies driven by rich elitist corrupted O.W.O. Democrat Justice systems

  • KaytK says:

    Congratulations James O’Keefe! Looking forward to YOUR NEW media company, OMG!

  • Mike says:

    Excellent. Go James!

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    The global elites will crush ANY entity they see as a threat. Any organization, any agency, any person. They will kill you, if needed. As a matter of fact, when the NWO ‘global reset’ is in full swing, (and they come for you), they will hope you resist. They hope you will rebel, draw your weapon, and fire. THAT’S what they hope for. This way they can kill you immediately, and not have to deal w/ you anymore. No ‘re-education’, internment camps. No railroad cars to load, nothing. When the global elites state they want 90% of he world population GONE, so they will have a more manageable remnant, THEY MEAN EVERY WORD THEY SAY.

    LOCK AND LOAD, PEOPLE. Our current ILLEGITIMATE, neo-Marxist ‘Administration’ is changing law to serve the felon w/ no-cash bails, and other changes, unleashing HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of felons, (both legal and illegal), into our communities. At the same time, they are going to make a ‘gun grab’, w/ laws which state anyone caught w/ a firearm will get (a minimum of), 5 years in jail. No day in court, no recourse allowed. Jailed – done.



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