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Jailhouse Interview: Ghislaine Maxwell’s Stunning Claim About Infamous Prince Andrew Photo

Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell alleged in her first jailhouse interview that the notorious photograph of Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre at her London home in 2000 is likely a “fake,” claiming that she has “no memory” of introducing the pair more than two decades ago.

The Oxford-educated Maxwell, who is serving a 20-year sentence in a Florida federal prison for her role in a scheme to sexually exploit and abuse multiple minor girls with Jeffrey Epstein over the course of a decade, was recently interviewed by British broadcaster Jeremy Kyle from behind bars.

The full interview is expected to air on Monday on TalkTV. In clips released as teasers for the special, Maxwell, with a phone to her ear at FTC Tallahassee, speaks of Epstein.

“I feel completely divorced from the person that people reference and talk about, and all the various newspaper articles and TV shows and podcasts,” Maxwell said.

She also described the Duke of York as a “dear friend” who should be “uplifted” after Giuffre dropped a separate sexual abuse lawsuit against American lawyer Alan Dershowitz in November.

Giuffre admitted in court documents that she “may have made a mistake” in claiming Dershowitz had abused her as a teenager.

“Her story frankly has changed multiple times. It’s very hard to know really what’s true or not,” Maxwell said, according to The Telegraph, adding that the true story “has yet to unfold.”

“I have no memory of them meeting and I don’t think that picture is real,” Maxwell added of the photograph. “There is no original of that photo, [only] copies of it that have been produced, copies of copies. Parts of it, according to some experts, looks like it has been photoshopped.”

“I don’t remember her in my home. I know that Virginia traveled with Jeffrey, and so it’s entirely possible. But the photo doesn’t appear to be real, and I don’t recall it being taken,” she added.

“Well, it’s a fake,” Maxwell said. “I don’t believe it’s real for a second. In fact, I’m sure it’s not.”

“Well, there’s never been an original,” she added. “And further, there’s no photograph. I’ve only ever seen a photocopy of it.”

The Telegraph reported Sunday that Prince Andrew is weighing legal options to overturn the $12 million settlement he struck with Giuffre. Giuffre alleged that the Duke of York raped and abused her three times in 2001 when she was 17. She filed a lawsuit against him in August 2020, and though Prince Andrew has denied the allegations, Buckingham Palace reportedly encouraged him to settle to avoid further damaging headlines from overshadowing Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

The move to have Giuffre retract her allegations against Prince Andrew – and possibly force an apology – could potentially open the path for the Duke of York to return to royal duties.

  • FLA-GAL says:

    Maxwell says it’s photoshopped–LOL, that’s sooooo 2005. In the mid-2000’s you might have been able to claim “Photoshopped” and fool tons of people, but that excuse isn’t flying anymore. Ghislane, YOU didn’t take the photograph because YOU are in the photo…YOU do not have possession of the photograph because it does not belong to YOU. YOU don’t know where the original is. Sorry babe, but this photo was taken with a 35mm SLR camera using a flash attachment. The “original” exists as a “negative” on light-sensitive silver halide crystals made into a gelatinous emulsion. The allegation that you “don’t remember it being taken” and therefore must be a fake is hilarious!

  • DEM says:

    Why are even given her a voice? She will protect the rich, aristocracy and famous till her dying days. It’s sickening that no one else’s has had to face the courts. Disgusting.

    She will be Epsteined if she opens her mouth.

  • Alan Way says:

    The problems started when THE MONEY stopped coming in. Then the possibility of huge financial payouts arose IF she was a “VICTIM”. Then the lawyers got involved … which amounted to throwing gasoline on the fire. The lawyers were frothing at the mouth thinking about the legal fees. Then the lying, misinformation and manipulation of the public began and the smearing campaign against Prince Andrew. It is very alarming that the public can be twisted and manipulated into believing absolutely anything. Now that that The Queen and Duke have gone … Andrew should fight this vigorously and get his money back from this proven liar and this “excessive cash grab” … and have his reputation restored. He should also sue for damages. The public is so gullible and simple it is pathetic and beyond sickening. Guilty until proven innocent is not acceptable.

  • Sage Nighthawk says:

    Maxwell has proven that she cannot be trusted to tell the truth, and Prince Andrew has enough power to have her murdered, like Epstien, no matter where she’s located. Maxwell is the SCUM of the earth!

  • Jeanette Redfern says:

    Funny Queen Elizabeth had that picture framed on her desk in a TV interview! Explain that Gizzie



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