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It’s On: Israel Launches Full Invasion of Gaza to Eradicate Hamas

They’re heading into Gaza. Israeli forces, which have been amassing along the border for days, finally went into the Hamas-controlled area to wipe out the terror group. This operation goes beyond past ground assaults—Israel seems poised for the long haul, occupying the area until every Hamas terrorist is eliminated.

The IDF announced today that the next phase has begun and that ground troops are now operating in Gaza.

Make no mistake, this could be a long war, as there are reportedly 40,000 Hamas terrorists waiting in terror tunnels to attack IDF forces.

Israeli military units had conducted raids into Northern Gaza ahead of the main assault, taking out terrorists, defensive structures, and anti-tank positions.

The latest incursions involved tanks and heavy equipment that laid the groundwork for the larger invasion force. This massive operation comes in the wake of Hamas’ brutal invasion earlier this month.

Here are the tunnels IDF forces will have to clear for this operation to be successful:

This invasion comes after Hamas, with Iran’s assistance, launched a devastating and barbaric terror attack from Gaza on October 7. Over 1,000 Israelis were murdered. Torture, rape, and kidnapping were also inflicted upon the civilian population, where we saw whole families slaughtered by these radical Islamic animals. Babies were beheaded and set on fire.

Over 1,000 Hamas terrorists partook in this land, sea, and air operation, which followed a massive rocket barrage. Israeli security forces were caught off-guard in what could be the largest intelligence failures since the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

There have been delays in the pending ground operation due to weather, Joe Biden’s visit, and an increasingly volatile security situation for Israel as it faces reprisal attacks from all sides. Hezbollah has vowed an all-out war against Israel should they invade Gaza, which was met with a promise from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that such a course of action could end with the destruction of the terror group. There’s also the hostage crisis.

Israel had set a date for the ground invasion, with the two main goals being the elimination of Hamas and rescuing those taken by terrorists on October 7. They were reportedly waiting for American forces to get into position in the region, especially the deployment of anti-ballistic missile defense systems. Where things got hairy was when the Biden administration backed a humanitarian pause of indeterminate length after initially vetoing a similar resolution at the UN. We have at least two carrier strike groups there.

The reactions to the initial Israeli airstrikes in Gaza were predictable as well. The Muslim world was set ablaze by the liberal media, which peddled a fake news story that Israeli forces had bombed a hospital in Gaza. It was, unsurprisingly, the work of the terrorists. It was a misfire from a rocket attack.

Netanyahu has formed a unity government, as his war cabinet formally declared war in the aftermath of the attacks, a first since 1973. Hundreds of thousands of reservists have been mobilized, along with tanks and heavy equipment. Cities along the Gaza border, like Sderot, which had a population of 30,000, were evacuated. Before ground troops were deployed, Gaza was pounded by airstrikes and artillery batteries, softening up Hamas positions.

The sheer barbarism ensures that Israel will never allow Hamas to exist so close to their communities again. This war will be long, and it could devolve into a regional conflict as Hezbollah in Lebanon could attack Israel from the north.

  • Jack Tripper says:

    The only solution is the full annihilation of Hamas. And when they finish off those animals, they should focus on Hezbollah and eliminate them entirely.

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