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It’s Official: FBI Director to Face Contempt of Congress Proceedings

On Monday, the top two lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee finally had the chance to review an FBI report brought to light by a whistleblower that contains information on allegations then-Vice President Biden engaged in a criminal bribery scheme with a foreign national.

After FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to comply with a subpoena from Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY), he was threatened with contempt charges from Congress.

He tried offering lawmakers the opportunity to view the document at the FBI’s headquarters, but Comer didn’t compromise and Wray finally caved, somewhat, late last week, agreeing to bring the document to Capitol Hill to be reviewed and briefed to lawmakers.

However, after viewing the document, Chairman Comer and Oversight Ranking Member Jamie Raskin (D-MD) didn’t agree on what they saw, raising even more questions.

In a statement, Comer said that “FBI officials confirmed that the unclassified, FBI-generated record has not been disproven and stated several times the information contained within it is currently being used in an ongoing investigation.”

Comer added that the “confidential human source who provided information about then-Vice President Biden being involved in a criminal bribery scheme is a trusted, highly credible information who has been used by the FBI for years. These are facts and no amount of spin, and frankly lies, from the White House or Congressional Democrats can change this information,” Comer emphasized.

Still, the FBI refused to turn the report over to the Oversight Committee, leading Comer to double-down on his previous threat to hold Director Wray in contempt of Congress.

“At the briefing, the FBI again refused to hand over the unclassified record to the custody of the House Oversight Committee and we will now initiate contempt of Congress proceedings,” Comer said in his statement. “Given the severity and complexity of the allegations contained within this record, Congress must investigate further,” he noted.

“Americans have lost trust in the FBI’s ability to enforce the law impartially and demand answers, transparency, and accountability,” Comer continued. “The Oversight Committee must follow the facts for the American people and ensure the federal government is held accountable.”

Comer’s counterpart — Ranking Member Raskin — however, seemed to be trying his best to spin the reality into a less severe version of what Comer described, as seen in this side-by-side of the two lawmakers’ comments after reviewing the report:

  • PJ says:

    Shut the entire FBI down. We can not have an organization with that much power being weaponized by political operatives for this or any administration. There is no investigation or if there is it just started when the Whistleblower spilled the beans. Anyone involved in this coverup needs jail time.

  • Dorothy says:

    Can anyone just imagine if they had all of this fact based truth about Biden, he would have been hung. No, they had to make up lies to get him and they are still going after him. I hope this Christopher Wray gets jailed. He thinks he is so smart. He has been getting away too much with his attitude and things he has done to protect Hunter and Biden. The crime family.

  • Slim says:

    Put Duck Lips Wray in jail with the J6 persecuted.

  • Will says:

    Christopher Wray is a born with a silver-spoon, went to an Ivy league school, cocksucker. The man met another silver-spoon, with old Atlanta money. Wray, you will end up in prison, that way from what I’ve heard, you’ll be able to perform your favorite pastime, all the time.

  • Linda Jay says:

    The FBI and DOJ need to be held accountable for withholding evidence they have no right to hold. They’re covering up for Biden and his family. They’re all crooks. That’s why they don’t produce the evidence.

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