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‘It Could Have Been a Vaccine’: UFC Fighter Reveals His Brother Dies Suddenly After Covid Vax

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 145-pounder Damon Jackson is still searching for answers for his brother’s sudden death.

Damon lost his brother, Bradly (37), in September 2022, a few days before competing at UFC Fight Night 210.

After his brother Bradley passed away, the former Legacy Fighting Championship titleholder changed his moniker from “The Leech” to “Action,” as a tribute to his brother.

“Right before my last fight, my brother passed away, and that was his football nickname. So they would call him Bradley “Action” Jackson, so they would just call him that on the intercom every time he would make a tackle and stuff,” said Damon during an interview with Tudor Leonte of

“I just thought it’d be cool to keep him around with the nickname. I made the switch, and it sounds good. I like it. I’m going to stick with it from here on,” he continued.

When questioned more about the circumstances behind Bradley’s passing, Damon says they are still looking for answers.

He revealed that his brother was vaccinated two weeks before his sudden passing. He believed the vaccine might have been a factor in his brother’s death.

“We still really don’t know. He wasn’t answering calls and texts, so we went over to check on him, and we found him in his house. It didn’t make a lot of sense yet.”

“We did try to figure it out. It could have been a vaccine, it could have been medication, it could have been a handful of things. There’s no present, like, apparent reason why it happened. It was just out of nowhere. He was 37 years old, so just doesn’t make a lot of sense,” he added.

“He was vaccinated just shortly before that, about two weeks before, but I don’t want to get into conspiracies and all that kind of stuff. Nothing adds up. So we’re trying to figure out some answers, but we don’t have any answers so far,” he continued.

Watch the interview below:

  • GATOR says:

    Wow, your brother dies, and you’re still not willing to admit that it was the clot shot.

    Really, a “conspiracy?” If it’s been proven all over the world then it’s no longer a theory.

    • Art LaPella says:

      “Proven” by the people who predicted I would be dead by now. While I can’t explain away all the reports, it clearly isn’t proven in a way that would convince a non-scientist like Mr. Jackson.

  • Rose says:

    He must be getting paid from Big Pharma to keep his mouth shut. I guess he doesn’t watch football?

  • Back On the Grid says:

    NEWS FLASH!!!! THE VACCINE has been proven a killer already. Why doubt the evidence? Stand up and fight against this TYRANNY. IT is no longer a conspiracy!!!. WTF does it take for some of you idiots to grow a set of nuggetts?

  • After a couple of years of avid research into the covid death jab including people who have been intentionally silenced by threats of removal of their medical license and or firing! Even vaccine Developers who know the business and have turned against the covid death shot! This is going to be more prevalent along with lymphatic cancer!
    Suffice to say that the spike proteins do damage to not only the blood cells but the blood veins and then when the antibodies attack these Spike proteins it adds to the congestion in the veins and the whole blood circulatory system!
    Even people who do autopsies are finding blood clots as big and as long as your leg!
    I met a millennial young woman in a food stamp office one time who was privy to some of this because her own father died within about 2 weeks after his covid death shot! His heart had become one massive blood clot!
    Now with the reports of myocardia making an uprise we know that it is becoming evident that the people that were silenced and threatened and extorted we’re always correct and that it was being hid and silenced and that was to Advantage the current Administration narratives!



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