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Israeli Woman Hailed a Hero for Killing Terrorists, Leading Team That Saved Kibbutz from Hamas

The Hamas was no match for an intrepid 25-year-old Israeli woman — who saved an entire kibbutz from harm by leading a group of residents to kill more than two dozen advancing terrorists, including five she slaughtered herself.

Inbar Lieberman, the security coordinator of Kibbutz Nir Am since December 2022, heard explosions early Saturday, when the terrorists launched their unprecedented attack on the Jewish state, according to Walla News.

She realized that the sounds were different than those heard during the usual rocket attacks on the kibbutz — located near Sderot and a stone’s throw from the Gaza Strip.

So Lieberman rushed to open the armory, distributed guns to the 12-member security team and coordinated their decisive response amid the unfolding attack.

She placed her squad of kibbutzniks in strategic positions across the settlement and set up ambushes that caught the gunmen off guard and turned the tables on them during their mission to inflict mass casualties.

Lieberman killed five terrorists by herself, while the others gunned down 20 more over four hours as they turned Nir Am into an impenetrable fortress — while nearby kibbutzim suffered heavy losses, Walla News reported.

Ilit Paz, cultural coordinator at Nir Am, told the news outlet Israel Hayom: “It was amazing. My husband was part of the standby unit that worked to prevent more casualties.

“They heard the shots and made contact on their own with other members of the standby unit and with Inbal — and they understood that they were told to be on standby.

“But Inbal made a decision not to wait and be jumped operationally. In fact, the fact that they did it early prevented dozens of casualties,” she added.

A social media post also lavished praise on the heroic woman, the Maariv daily reported.

“When it’s all over, this woman will receive the Israel Prize. The story of her heroism is a story that will go down in Israeli lore for generations. Inbal is the reason there is one kibbutz in the entire surrounding area that remains unharmed — Nir Am,” the post said.

At least 900 people have died and 2,600 others have been injured in Israel, according to the most recent numbers.

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