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Israeli Forces Are Reportedly Getting Crucial Intelligence from an Unlikely Source

Israeli forces have cut the Gaza Strip in two, surrounded Gaza City, and are tightening the noose around the reported nerve center of Hamas.

Before the ground invasion began on October 28, Israel pounded the strip with artillery and air strikes, killing scores of terrorists and their leaders.

Many have hidden in the matrix of tunnels, which has been an operational concern for the IDF.

They’re booby-trapped. It’s nearly impossible to see, and some tunnels are 250+ feet underground.

So far, Israel has been able to make inroads, but some 30-40,000 Hamas terrorists remain embedded in the strip like ticks.

They’ll be uprooted, especially now that re-supply from Iran is now impossible. It will take time.

Hamas’ grip has loosened enough that scores of civilians have been able to make to make it safety.

Terrorists are still shooting at Gazans trying to flee south, but those who have made it to IDF lines have reportedly been providing valuable intelligence on the whereabouts of Hamas hideouts and weapons stashes.

Horrific pictures coming out of Gaza right now.


The IDF did a leaflet drop, promising financial compensation for any information on the whereabouts of the 200-plus civilians that were taken by Hamas on October 7. Most who replied didn’t want money, just safe passage out of the war zone:

No doubt there are civilians who hate Hamas.

But there’s also this:

Obviously, the IDF should move on the verified information and wipe out those Hamas dogs where they lie, but you already know the risks here.

  • Richard says:

    Use gopher bombs they are basically poison gas that flood tunnels and kill anything in them but once the fumes get out they disapate quickly

  • Chris Cross says:

    The Communist networks MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and others must be beside themselves. Their heroes are losing the battle. The IDF is not buying their phony “pause” and “cease fire” narratives. There is no other solution then to completely annihilate the cancer which is Hamas.

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