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Iowa Gov. Declares Disaster After Parts of State Hit by Record Flooding

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) declared a disaster in Sioux County after the area was slammed with record-breaking flooding.

“I have issued a Disaster Proclamation for Sioux County and directed all available state resources to assist Rock Valley and other communities in northwest Iowa in response to catastrophic flooding,” she wrote on social media platform X.

She also said she has requested an expedited presidential disaster declaration and said more counties will be added to the disaster declaration. She also posted photos of her surveying the damage from a helicopter on Saturday.

“Rivers cresting above 1993 record levels and the devastation is widespread. I’m committing the full resources of the state & coordinating with fed. agencies to help Iowans recover,” she wrote.

The Des Moines Register reported that several days of heavy rainfall have led to record-high river levels in the state, especially in Rock Valley.

The newspaper reported that there were 15 inches of upstream rain in 72 hours that resulted in the Rock River hitting a record depth of more than 27 feet.

The Des Moines Register reported that this depth was five feet more than the previous record, according to the National Water Prediction Service. The newspaper said a levee failed in the city, prompting evacuations north of Highway 18.

The Associated Press reported that sirens in Rock Valley, Iowa, blared at 2 a.m. on Saturday to warn people to get out of their homes due to the high levels of the Rock River. Mayor Kevin Van Otterloo said some stranded residents could be rescued by boats.

“We’ve had so much rain here,” he said, according to the Associated Press. “We had 4 inches last night in an hour and a half time. Our ground just cannot take anymore.”

  • Badger says:

    Prayers fir the safety of the people in the area of the flooding.

  • RP says:

    She’s Republican in a Republican state, no help from the federal government for them.

  • Esthersdaughter says:

    Watch for all of the white line’s in the sky.
    Weather Modification.
    What a shame.

    • Terrance Vraniak says:

      The white lines are indicative of cloud seeding. Review articles on it. 6 western states have a contract for cloud seeding. China is the number 1 cloud seeder in the world. Check on HAARP and other upper atmosphere tools used in rain modification worldwide. Microplastics used in cloud seeding, how the moisture content is increased. China, #1 cloud seeder in the World. Some States have banned cloud seeding. What you are noticing in the sky is not from commercial airliners only.

  • southersgolfer says:

    The weather has been pretty bad in a lot of states this year with heavy rain, tornadoes etc. Florida has had a few cities flooded as well. Prayers for those people that they may stay safe

  • Terrance Vraniak says:

    Maybe there should be more research in cloud seeding, microplastics, and climate change caused by manmade tinkering with the environment. Make it public the amount of cloud seeding done, when and where so people can observe the effects. Might explain the “Climate Change issue”.



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