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Investigation Underway After Missing Voting Equipment Ended up on eBay

Police in Michigan are working with the state government to investigate how a piece of voting equipment ended up for sale online, according to Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

“We are actively working with law enforcement to investigate allegations of an illegal attempt to sell a voter assist terminal acquired in Michigan,” Benson said in a statement.

“Voter assist terminals are not used to tabulate ballots, but are typically used by voters with disabilities who need assistance marking their ballot privately at polling places,” she said.

“While our elections remain secure and safe, we take seriously all violations of election law and will be working with relevant authorities to ensure there are consequences for those who break the law.”

The machine had disappeared from the Colfax Township in Wexford County.

Colfax Township Clerk Becky Stoddard confirmed to the Cadillac News that the equipment taken was a voter assist terminal machine or tablet from her township. Wexford County Clerk Alaina Nyman told the outlet that the voter assist terminal was noticed as missing some time before the August primary.

“The equipment that went missing was not anything that could change a vote. It was a touchscreen [Voter Assist Terminal] machine,” Nyman said. “No election data was on it and you can’t get into the machine without the program cards and those were all accounted for.”

Under Michigan election law, it is a felony to “conceal, withhold, or destroy a ballot box or voting machine,” as well as to “obtain undue possession of that ballot box or voting machine.”

Connecticut Man Obtained Device From eBay: Reports

Harri Hursti, a cybersecurity expert in Connecticut, said he had purchased a Michigan voting device on eBay for $1,200. He told WJBK that he then reached out to state officials after the purchase went through.

On Twitter, Hursti wrote: “I contacted MI authorities even before the machine arrived – and before I even knew for certain if the machine had been used in Michigan.

“I still do not know that as a fact, because the machine is still in an [unopened] box,” he added.

He is now waiting for law enforcement to collect the voting device.

According to CNN, the eBay seller of the item is Ean Hutchison, a man based in Ohio who had found the machine at an online Goodwill website in Northern Michigan.

Hutchison told CNN that he purchased the machine online at Goodwill for $7.99 before selling it for $1,200. “I have a knack for finding hidden gems really cheap and turning a quick profit,” Hutchison told the station.

  • Mary says:

    Send it back to Georgia Soros

  • Patty says:

    If that machine was stolen, how many more across the country have been stolen? Interesting, this occurred just before the primaries! Go figure!

  • Tamirose170 says:

    Perhaps we need more cameras (especially ones aimed directly ON the voting equipment) – those are taxpayer dollars. I find it hard to believe that MI knew that it was missing as this was the 1st story I have read that stated that – – But I certainly hope the Supervisor of Election reimburses BOTH people the $8 and the $1200 – it’s time to REWARD the Honest Citizens of this Country. Luckily the man saw the item, spent the $1200 and reached out to MI and let them know ~ Next time Zuckerberg or Soros or any other filthy rich citizens donates funds to the Election Officials to assist them; the funds should be used for BWC for the Poll workers and paid Election officials and permanent, tamper-resistant cameras that would be used at all Polling Precinct and the tape can ONLY be removed by a select hand-picked group of US citizens IF needed to review, answer questions and/or review updates being done or to verify employees stories or voters stories of fraud & internet connections on Election Day (as hundreds submitted signed affidavits stating that they were). It would eliminate the He Said/She Said, the adversarial Red VS Blue animosity and only show the Truth & Facts. Cameras are emotionless and therefore Blind Justice. It would just add another level of Election Integrity but cannot be controlled or manipulated by ANY Election Officials – perhaps a Committee of Congress members; a Sub-Committee that they all agree upon. Nothing like the cherry picked J6 Committee; something much more Balanced and solely there to verify Integrity – no more witch hunts. I think many of us feel like we live in Salem nowadays ~

  • John says:

    Trying to get rid of the evidence of a totally rigged and fraudulent election we don’t need corrupted government agencies investigating themselves they need to be brought to prosecution by We the People and a non-partisan group of Supreme Court judges not the usual socialist Democrat communist pedophile protecting judges and New World Order demons that are present in our corrupted Judicial Systems today

  • Julia ousley says:

    I live in Michigan and I know for fact 2020 election was rigged when I voted Trump and my ballot and paper work I filled out dint match and the guy behind me his didn’t match .and when we said something be for we went to cast our vote they said oh that don’t matter and when I said yes it does they rolled their eyes .and then people who already used machine it wouldn’t cast their vote .it happened to few and I tried mine 2x rejected it .it rejected the guy behind me .and they wouldn’t do anything to let our vote count.. Michigan cheats like hell

    • TEN says:

      Hopefully you and others reported it to voting officials at the location and also the Michigan Secretary of State with follow ups on the investigations that should have been done



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