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Internet ‘Alien’ Theory Catches Fire After Massive Police Presence Spotted at Miami Mall

A bizarre theory about aliens has emerged after aerial images of a huge police presence were reported in Miami.

Footage of dozens of police vehicles made the rounds on social media on Monday evening, sparking speculation about what kind of incident could have led to such a response.

Conservative commentators including Matt Walsh, Jack Posobiec and DC Draino all weighed in with their personal takes and theories.

“So are we not going to be told the truth about why Miami had possibly the biggest police response I’ve ever seen in my life?” Draino asked.

“They’re saying it was for teenagers fighting?

What really happened?”


“Aliens at the Miami Mall dropped the same day as the Epstein Files FBI aint even trying to be subtle anymore,” Posobiec added.

The unusual theory is the result of some images that were said to show an alien “creature” as the true cause of the disturbance.

According to Newsweek, over 60 police cars were dispatched to the Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami to break up a fight between teenagers who were throwing fireworks at one another in the open-air shopping mall.

Four individuals were reportedly arrested in connection with the incident.

One social media user published a post promoting the alien rumor, saying, “There’s a glowing being/creature and it’s walking. I have the video saved incase they take it down.”

Newsweek quoted another post saying, “I zoomed in on one of the tiktok videos about the Miami mall creature, so you can see the gray creature walking in between these police cars and the building.” The post claimed eyewitnesses said the silver-gray figure “was blending in with the crowd.”

Other viewers, however, said they didn’t see anything unusual in the “low-quality footage.”

“The Miami Police report of the incident does not mention the presence of any unidentified creature corresponding to the claims made online,” Newsweek reported.

  • Rudog says:

    yeh…gonna take time to sort out that Distraction!!!!

  • Barb N says:

    Too bad we can’t get that kind of response on the border for the illegal type of aliens.

  • Zmb Grrl says:

    Just like with the Las Vegas alien story (10-ft creature being reported in someone’s back yard and the FBI showing up the next day to put up cameras), another showed up this week. There’s no reason for over 60 cop cars to be deployed for four teenagers fighting. Something was reported and they were responsive and now they’re calling it a conspiracy theory. Sure. The night before videos show a giant light moving through the sky like a craft, and the next day there’s a 10 foot creature reported to have been walking around? Who can possibly say they know for a fact that this is fake?

  • southersgolfer says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but I did not see much of anything other than a bunch of cruisers scrambling to the scene. Too bad they don’t respond that fast for criminals.

  • Scottish Rebel_1503 says:

    Nobody speaks English anymore in south Florida. Taken over by spanish speaking aliens. Is that what kind of alien they’re talking about? The video commentator?



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