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Illegal Immigrant Arrested in Connection with Murder of 16-Year-Old Texas Cheerleader

An illegal immigrant has been arrested in connection with the murder of a 16-year-old Texas high school cheerleader named Lizbeth Medina, whose slain body was discovered in a bathtub in her home by her mother this past week.

Jacqueline Medina found her daughter, whom she described as “loving, kind and big-hearted,” in their apartment on Tuesday after Lizbeth missed a Christmas parade with her cheer squad in Edna, Texas.

“There was no laced drugs, there was nothing like that. My daughter was found in a way that no mother should ever find their child,” Jacqueline said. “I lost it. She was my world, my everything. Everywhere, everything I do was for her.”

“Words can’t explain what I felt at that moment finding my daughter in the matter that she was,” she added. “All I can say is that I hope with all my heart that there is justice for my daughter.”

The circumstances of Lizbeth’s death remain unclear, and currently no autopsy report has been made public.

The Edna Police Department on Sunday confirmed that an “undocumented male” named Rafael Govea Romero has been arrested in connection to the murder. The department described Romero as “the person responsible for the death of [Lizbeth] Medina.”

“Edna Police Department and Texas Rangers immediately traveled to Schulenburg where Romero was placed under arrest for Capital Murder and transported to Jackson County Jail,” the department’s release said. “Although Romero is apprehended, we recognize Lizbeth’s family and friends are grieving and still need support from the community. The citizens of Edna can now sleep in peace!”

A fundraiser for Lizbeth, created by her aunt Ana Medina, says the teen “is loved and will be missed by the family.”

“She was born and raised in Grand Island, NE, and had only been living in Edna, Texas, for a year,” Ana posted. “She was the only child to her mother Jaqueline Medina; she also leaves behind two loving grandparents Refugio Medina and Yesenia Medina (Yeyo and Yeya), whom she loved and considered them as parents.”

“As a family we are asking the community for help to not only get Justice for my sweet Lizbeth but for any support that you can offer to my family at this time anything is appreciated,” the post added. “We would also like to thank everyone in the Edna community that has been supporting us in this difficult time.”

  • Dorothy says:

    Well the open border is not helping in any way. How much blood is going to be lost because of this sick move to have our Borders open. We have enough crime in our own country but add this to it, just plain evil. I pray for the family.

  • Tank says:

    Way to go democrats your doing your country great. This blood is on your hands. And you should be sued arrested and charged for 1st degree murder in this case and every other case caused by your open boarders. Your murders .

  • Postatto says:

    Many years ago the daughter of my church’s minister was brutally raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant. Authorities never found him.

  • Janer says:

    Our country seems to be a get out of jail free country. I think this gives criminals the mindset to get away with crimes in our country. This sweet gal probably turned him down for a date so he killed her. Bast*rd!! Execute him now!!

  • Peggy says:

    Fucking animals.



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