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Illegal Alien Steals State-Owned Tow Truck and Leads Police on Wild, Hour-Long Chase

An illegal alien was caught on video leading cops on a wild high-speed chase from Prince George’s County to Montgomery County after stealing a Maryland State Highway Administration tow truck Friday around 5:15 P.M.

Police identified the perpetrator as Cesar Flavio Lanuza from Nicaragua.

Fox 5 DC reported that Lanuza led authorities on the hour-long chase in which he hit several cars before stopping in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Footage captured from the incident shows Lanuza barging through cars on busy streets and driving through electrical wires in a field.

At one point during the chase, the stolen vehicle collided with several police cruisers near southbound Route 29 in the area of Prelude Drive.

He was eventually captured and placed into custody at roughly 6:30 P.M. after pulling over in a neighborhood.

Federal officials have lodged a detainer for him to be transferred to the Montgomery County detention center.


Here is the moment the suspect slams into the cop cars.

Police said two officers were injured, and 13 vehicles were struck during the chaotic pursuit of the suspect that started in College Park. The officers were sent to the hospital and later released.

Lanuza was also hospitalized following the incident. James Convington, spokesperson for ICE’s Enforcement Removal Operations in Baltimore, told Fox News that Lanuza will be transferred to the detention center once he is released.

ICE’s Baltimore field office director Darius Reeves confirmed with FOX 5 DC on Tuesday that there’s a detainer against Lanuza with the detention center and he is “of interest to ICE.”

“Once the state is done with their business with him, we would love for him to be brought into our custody,” he said to FOX 5 DC.

In the past, however, far-left Montgomery County has often not cooperated with detainers. Montgomery County Correctional Facility has refused to comment regarding whether ICE’s immigration detainer on Flavio Lanuza has been honored so far.

“They shouldn’t be in the country simply because they’re violating our immigration laws,” Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform told FOX 5 DC. “But clearly, once someone has taken that additional step and poses a danger to society at large, then the local jurisdictions, in the interest of protecting the people in their own communities, should be more than willing to cooperate.”

  • Leon Redbone says:

    The Democrats will reward this criminal with a $10,000 credit card at taxpayers expense. A new drivers license, a free motel room, food stamps and a free leftwing education in one of our prestigious propaganda mills.



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