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Idaho Bar Declares June ‘Heterosexual Awesomeness Month’ — And Gives Free Beers to Straight Men

An Idaho bar has opted to counter LGBTQ Pride Month by celebrating ‘Heterosexual Awesomeness Month’ during the month of June, saying that without them ‘none of us would be here.’

Old State Saloon in Eagle, Idaho, which is just outside of Boise, announced this past Wednesday that each Monday would be ‘Hetero Male Monday.’

Any man dressed ‘like a heterosexual male’ will be entitled to a free draught beer, according to a Facebook post from the bar.

In a subsequent comment, the bar also said it was seeking applicants to judge if male patrons that come on Mondays have straight enough clothing – who will be paid $15 an hour plus a free beer.

Not only that, but any straight couple that comes into the bar on Wednesdays will get 15 percent off their tab.

The Facebook post got a mix of reactions, with some claiming that the bar is bigoted against LGBTQ people and others commending the bar owners for doing something ‘so bold.’

Jenna Nash commented below the bar’s post, taking issue with the idea of ‘Hetero Male Monday.’

‘Every day is hetero day. They’re not a marginalized group, they’re the norm. I don’t care if you are glad you’re straight but pointing out your hetersexuality [sic] during gay pride month is an affront, is othering and creates separation and discord,’ she wrote.

Others hinted at the possibility that any man who decides to come to Old State Saloon on Monday were possibly in the closet.

‘Whoever wrote this post is so deep in the closet they’re having adventures in Narnia with Liberace and Mercury,’ one person wrote.

‘It’s a free country. But tell us more about all those men on Mondays. Getting drunk…maybe a little curious…maybe a little experimental…’ another wrote.

There were also plenty of comments from people claiming to be in the LGBTQ community who said they didn’t have a problem with this.

‘I’m a gay dude and I think this is awesome.. I am an ally to the often stigmatized straight male. I am also grateful for my heterosexual parents that made my life possible,’ one user wrote.

Old State Saloon said they got comments that had expletives and ones that used the lord’s name in vain, which led it to ban about 25 people.

The Idaho Statesman, Boise’s daily newspaper, put out a column on Friday poking fun at the controversial local watering hole and skewering its owner, Mark Fitzpatrick.

‘How exactly does a customer dress like a heterosexual male? Wear one of those “The Only Thing I Like More Than Beer Is Twins” shirts? Or the one that reads, “Cool Babe Now Go Make Me a Sandwich”?’ columnist Michael Deeds wrote.

Fitzpatrick describes himself as ‘a Christian, conservative, Constitution supporter, retired police officer, and family man’ on his Zillow listing agent profile.

In response to the Idaho Statesman piece, Fitzpatrick said Deeds didn’t ‘have the courage’ to contact him for an interview.

The bar also posted again on Saturday, saying it wouldn’t back down.

‘We hear lots of people are upset about Heterosexual Awesomeness Month! Please know: 1) We love our LGBTQ+ patrons! 2) We will not be changing our mind and give into the group of those who are responding with vitriol. 3) ALL are welcome to come celebrate heterosexuality with us in June!’ the post read.

The post added that the bar would be doing all day happy hour prices for straight females on Thursdays, and that T-shirts commemorating heterosexuals would be coming soon.

  • Jakeysmom says:

    So we’re getting LGBTQ+ crammed down our throats or BLM but have a ‘straight’ gathering and everyone’s in a dither? Stay in your lane and live your life.

  • American says:

    Trannies and faggots shouldnt be tolerated in this country. They are abominations. Sick deranged animals.

  • Rudog says:

    yeh…and Shit Yeah!! …saw this one comin’ down the pike…Hetero’s here ta’ Stay!! …HUUUAAHHH!!!!



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