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Husband of Killed GOP Councilwoman Posts Bizarre Birthday Facebook Post

The Nigerian husband of slain New Jersey Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour — who was gunned down Wednesday night near her Sayreville home — made a bizarre Facebook post Friday morning wishing his deceased wife a happy birthday, even though it’s still more than a month away.

“4th March is your birthday happy glorious birthday in addy my love,” wrote Dwumfour’s husband, who works as a pastor and identifies himself by the name Eze Kings on the social media site.

He punctuated the post with a series of hearts, and attached about a dozen photos of the couple which prominently featured Dwumfour’s wedding ring.

The post had garnered about 150 comments, many of which expressed shock and sadness at Dwumfour’s death.

Authorities pronounced the 30-year-old single mother dead on Wednesday after an unknown gunman shot her multiple times as she drove her white Nissan near the Camelot at La Mer apartment complex.

Neither local police nor the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office have named any suspects, although a report from ABC7 in New York said investigators are digging into her ties to her husband’s church overseas in Nigeria, among other things.

Authorities also brought in police dogs to search the woods behind the apartment complex for the murder weapon, ABC said. Neighbors believe they may have seen the gunman flee toward the nearby Garden State Parkway, a major artery that runs up and down New Jersey.

Police at the scene told The Post Dwumfour, a Newark native, was caught on video speaking to the shooter moments before her death.

The family told The Post Friday morning they are cooperating with authorities as they investigate what happened.

“I can’t say anything about it unless [the investigation] is finished,” said Prince Dwumfour, the councilwoman’s father.

When asked when Dwumfour’s absent husband would be coming, he paused, then said, “All these things you’re asking, it will come out eventually.”

One family friend who lives in the same Newark apartment building as Dwumfour’s parents said she thought the killing might have been racially motivated.

“We all suggested that she doesn’t move down to that part of Jersey — we call that ‘clan land,’” said the friend, who would not give her name. “That was a hit. That was an assassination.”

Another family friend, Amos Martey, a 52-year-old from Ghana, also thought she was targeted because of her race and position.

“I believe color played a role,” Martey said. “I believe because she’s a minority. It might be related to her job … I might be wrong, but that’s how I feel. It breaks my heart.”

The FBI’s Newark field office issued a statement Friday that said they were aware of Dwumfour’s death and were in contact with local law enforcement.

“Should they ask us for any assistance, we will do all we can to help their investigation,” a spokesperson said in an email.

Relatives told The Post the Republican councilwoman was the oldest of five children in a Ghanaian family. She leaves behind an 11-year-old daughter.

Dwumfour, who relatives said married her husband in November, was elected to her first term in Nov. 2021. She had reportedly lived in the Middlesex County area for about five years.

  • Inlander says:

    Its Democrat terrorist take over in America!

  • Bret says:

    Even the normal people in the streets go straight to the race card. She is black so it’s race related. Brain washed by the left.



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