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Hunter to Be Indicted by End of Month, Special Counsel Says

Special Counsel David Weiss said in a new court filing this week that President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, will be indicted this month.

“The Speedy Trial Act requires that the Government obtain the return of an indictment by a grand jury by Friday, September 29, 2023, at the earliest,” Weiss said in the filing. “The Government intends to seek the return of an indictment in this case before that date.”

While the exact charges were not revealed in the court filing, CNN reported that they are gun-related charges. Additional charges related to Hunter Biden’s taxes or foreign business dealings, which have been part of the criminal investigation into him, could be included or come at a later date.

Weiss, before he was appointed as special counsel in the case, was originally willing to “to forgo any prosecution of” Hunter Biden and was close “to agreeing to end the investigation without requiring a guilty plea on any charges,” according to The New York Times.

Weiss’ position on the matter reportedly changed right around the time that two IRS agents came forward as whistleblowers and alleged that they had been stymied from pushing the probe further due to pressure from higher-ups at the Department of Justice.

After the two whistleblowers came forward, Weiss demanded that Hunter Biden plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax crimes and enter a deferred prosecution agreement on a gun charge.

Chris Clark, a lawyer for Hunter Biden, threatened prosecutors investigating his client that if his client was charged in the case, the defense would call President Joe Biden to testify, thus creating a constitutional crisis by pitting the president against his own Department of Justice, POLITICO reported.

“President Biden now unquestionably would be a fact witness for the defense in any criminal trial,” Clark said in a lengthy letter to prosecutors, later adding: “This of all cases justifies neither the spectacle of a sitting President testifying at a criminal trial nor the potential for a resulting Constitutional crisis.”

  • Nate says:

    Don’t believe for a moment David Wiess will be delivering bad news to Hunter. He’s The Biden Family Attorney!!!!

  • All leftis think their above their Rule of Law pity says:

    I don’t believe a single word Weiss says or does he’s bought and paid for by the DOJ he had a choice to make and he chose to make that leftist sweetheart deal with biden to stay in favor with the father that’s facing his own investigation! Recuse yourself Weiss the American people are watching you and right now we don’t trust you at all your playing favoritism for bidens approval we the people will be your jury recuse yourself regardless of who the person is he committed a federal crime you need to follow the Rule of Law and the Constitution! But I’m not holding my breath with this guy I just don’t think he’ll do the right and be honorable!

  • Michael A. Heath Sr. says:

    What about Old Joe ? He IS the guilty one here , right ?



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